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Make your own Wood Spinner

Making your own wood spinner is an easy project and they look great when left outdoors to spin in the breeze.


Wood spinners are an interesting feature to add to a garden or balcony. You can make them out of scrap pieces of wood and then stain them or paint them in rainbow colours.

If you want to make your own wind spinner, the average size is 200mm wide x 600mm in length, and this is the size of the wind spinner we will be making in this project. If you wish, you can make your own wind spinner even larger than that.




Lots of scrap pieces of wood 6mm wide x 200mm in length and approx. 12mm thick.

Threaded rod, 9mm diameter x 900mm in length and nuts, and washers

Eyebolt and coupling nut for the top


Drill/Driver plus assorted bits

Hacksaw or Dremel Multitool

Jigsaw, table saw or scroll saw






1. The first step is to drill the hole in the scraps to mount onto the threaded rod. If your rod is 9mm in diameter, drill a 9mm hole in the centre of all the scrap pieces for the wind spinner. Make sure that the hole is in the absolute centre.



2. You need something at the top to allow your wind spinner to spin properly. We used a couple of finishing accessories for this wind spinner, but you can also use an eyebolt or swivel clip, or something similar. Trim the end of the threaded rod with a hacksaw or Dremel Multitool and cutting disc to allow for threading the fitting through the end.

3. Insert the threaded rod through all your drilling pieces and close off with a washer and nut at the bottom. 

4. Draw the profile for the wind spinner...

... and cut this with a scroll saw, table saw or jigsaw.

5. Once cut and mounted you can apply your choice of finish. If you want to paint in rainbow colours, remove the threaded rod to paint the individual slats.



6. Line up the slats and hang your wind spinner outdoors and once it catches the breeze - see what happens.

If you are still struggling to work everything out, here's a video that shows how to make your own wind spinner.




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