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Laundry Basket becomes a Strawberry Planter

Don't toss out that old laundry basket when you can use it to grow your own strawberries at home in the garden.


I have seen plenty of ways to grow strawberries in your own garden but this is the first time I'm seeing how you can use an old laundry basket to grow strawberries at home.



And this project is really simple to do and is a great way to re-uses a plastic laundry basket that would usually get tossed in the trash.






1. Use some hessian, burlap or landscape fabric to line the inside of your laundry basket. This lining will make sure all your plants are snug inside the frame and keep the soil from spilling out. It also helps maintain water in the soil inside the basket.

2. Fill your laundry basket with organic soil. You will need quite a few bags here if you have a large laundry basket.

3. Once the basket is filled, use sharp scissors to make holes randomly around the laundry basket. You want to cut the fabric just enough to make it easy to pop in your strawberry seedlings or seeds.

4. Prise open the fabric so that you can easily insert your strawberry seedlings on the inside. Space your strawberry seedlings to give them plenty of room to grow on the outside of the basket.

5. Fill up the top of the basket with a selection of different plants or pop in some kitchen herbs.



GOOD TO KNOW: I would add some interesting herbs in the top of the basket, with one or two hanging varieties to add more interest.

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