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Practical uses for breeze blocks

Breeze blocks (also known as cinder blocks and air blocks) have been around since the 70s and have been used as an affordable building material since that time. Now we are discovering many more uses for these blocks.


Generally available at building supply merchants, you can search online to find suppliers of breeze blocks close to you. Breeze blocks are available in various shapes and sizes and we put together some great ideas for using breeze blocks for various projects in the home. You will also find easy instructions here for making a garden bench using breeze blocks and pine.





Painted or not, breeze blocks and wood can be used in a variety of ways to set up a seating area in the garden. We offer more great ideas below for using breeze blocks in the garden.

Breeze blocks are also just the thing for making seating inside the home. Use acrylic paint to add colour to your blocks and then top them off with comfortable cushions.

Need an inexpensive storage unit or place for your TV? Breeze blocks and laminated pine or reclaimed wood are all you need and, voila... a TV or media unit in an hour or two!

If you prefer to use patterned breeze blocks, you can search online to find suppliers of breeze blocks close to you. You will find breeze blocks in assorted designs.

Make a stylish coffee table with some breeze blocks and a piece of 10mm thick safety glass. Make sure that the glass supplier sands down the edges of the glass, and preferably rounds off the corners.

You can use breeze blocks outdoors to create a wonderful corner in a sunny courtyard and fill up with a variety of succulents or colourful plants.

Need a server or bar for indoors or outdoors? Grab some breeze blocks and a piece or two of laminated pine or reclaimed wood to knock one up in an instant.

You can even make a bar for an outdoor entertainment area using breeze blocks. When stacking the blocks on top of each other, secure them with construction adhesive suitable for exterior use.

Prevent a large garden umbrella from falling over by assembling breeze blocks into a stack and filling up with pebbles or gravel to weigh them down.

Fill surrounding blocks with colourful plants.

Here's a fun way to use breeze blocks to make a unique bedside table. Simply arrange the blocks how you would like them to be to store your bedside essentials.

The next time you visit a builders supply merchant, or ask at your local Builders Warehouse, think how breeze blocks can save you money on your next outdoor garden project.