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Quick Project: Easy DIY Modular Planters

Make this quick and easy modular plant stand for your home or patio and create an instant feature with houseplants.


If you have some leftover SupaWood or pine, this quick and easy modular plant stand will add interest to an empty corner when arranged with a selection of potted houseplants. You can make a square-shaped plant stand, or stretch out the design for a higher plant stand - or make a combination of both for an attractive feature.








Square or rectangular pieces of SupaWood - or pine or plywood for outdoors - to make the desired shape

- Cut these to size for the sides, top and bottom

Waterproof wood glue

Wood filler

120-grit sandpaper

4 x 40mm cut screws

Exterior acrylic paint and painting equipment or spray paint


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits


Tape measure and pencil








1. Mark out a circle according to the size of the plant pot or planter you want to fit into the opening. To do this, measure the diameter of the pot about 5cm from the top - or top of the pot or planter if it has a lip. Drill a couple of holes with a 10mm diameter drill bit so that you can insert the jigsaw blade to cut out the opening.







2. Join the base to the sides using wood glue and 4 x 40mm cut screws. For easy assembly, drill 2.5mm pilot holes and countersink. Make sure all the edges are flush before joining the pieces together.

3. Add the top section to the sides in the same way.

4. Fill all the holes with wood filler, let dry and then sand smooth. For a perfect finish all round, you should also sand the rough edges of the SupaWood prior to painting.


SupaWood - Use an exterior acrylic paint. A water-based enamel paint offers some protection, but an oil-based will offer far more protection and will allow the planter to be placed on a covered patio.

Pine or plywood - Paint as with SupaWood, or seal or varnish in your choice of wood tint.

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