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Paint pots splashed with nail varnish

Forget about paint dipped pots. This project shows how you can use nail varnish to add a colourful dipped effect to plant pots, or anything else for that matter. Buy a few bottles of inexpensive nail varnish in your choice of colours and experiment.


Fill a bucket half full with water. An empty paint container is ideal for this type of project and you don't have to stress too much about cleaning it afterwards. Pour in the first colour - gently and slowly. You want the varnish to stay on top of the water. Dip the bottom section of the pot in the mix and swirl around until covered. Put this aside the dry and then dip the top section of the pot and put aside to dry.

After the first colour has dried, repeat this process for each individual colour that you want on your pots. There's no limit to the amount of colours you can add, and you can also include pearlescent, glitter and metallic nail varnish if you want to.

For this pot, a solid white was added last to break up the colour and bring out more detail on the finished pot.

You have to wait for each colour layer to dry before applying the next. Nail varnish doesn't take long to dry, so you can complete a plant pot in an hour or so. DO wear gloves and have something handy to rest the pot on while each coat dries.