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How to make a water blob

For the past year or so the water blob has become the most affordable and easy way to add a new element of fun for the kids.

Water blobs are large sheets of plastic, folded, sealed and filled with coloured water that can provide hours of fun for the kids. Fill them with only a small amount of water to make a slip-and-slide, or fill them with more water for a bouncy water blob.


Durable plastic sheet*

Duct tape 

*Note: It needs to be a thick plastic that will not puncture easily. This type of polythene sheet is generally used for roofing, as a waterproofing barrier.






After having read through most of the blogs that offer how-to tutorials on making a water blob, the most important tips to take into consideration are: [1] You need a thick, durable plastic sheet and, [2] You need to fold over the edges before sealing with duct tape.

All the edges need to be folded over twice before applying a triple layer of duct tape. Place one strip of duct tape directly over the fold and then overlap another layer of tape on either side of this. This should prevent any leaks from occurring, but should they do simply dry and apply a duct tape patch.

Allow any opening for inserting a hose pipe to fill up the water blob. The sealer plastic should lay flat on the ground when being filled. As you fill, direct any trapped air towards the corner where the hose fits. After filling, lift up the corner, dry and apply layered duct tape.