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The perfect garden for Summer Entertaining

Now is the perfect time to tackle all those outdoor DIY projects to create the perfect outdoor space for summer entertaining.


It might not be summer at the moment, but when the days are cooler it is the perfect time to get outdoors into the garden and start planning for the perfect summer outdoor entertaining area. When the weather is cool you can easily move plants to a new location, pop in a few young trees for privacy or shade, and put down a concrete slab without worry that it will cure too fast in the summer heat.

To inspire your next outdoor DIY project we put together a collection of inspiring tasks that you can quite easily get done over the next couple of months. From a garden swing or daybed, to a fully functional outdoor kitchen, take a look at some of these ideas and see how you can create the perfect outdoor space for Summer entertaining. And if you are looking for more tips, try these 20 tips on how to create a relaxing garden.



Create your private haven

If your garden doesn't feel like a sanctuary and you have open areas where neighbours can see everything that goes on, perhaps you should consider putting up a fence, a wall, or even establish a hedge to give you more privacy.

There are plenty of options you can consider to make your garden more private, and these will depend on the size of the space and how much you have to spend.





A beautiful green border around a garden can be easily achieved with tall shrubs or small trees. For the best advice on what to plant in your garden, based on location and situation, your local garden centre will be able to offer tips and what to buy and how to care for it.

If you already have a wall around your garden but find that neighbours can easily see over the top, you can look at ways to increase the height of the wall. While using plants to add a high hedge won't require permission from your local municipality, adding more layers of brick may require approval, so check before you do anything.



For all year round entertaining

If you are turning your garden into an extension of your indoor living space you will want to use this as much as possible, even during the cooler months of the year. Adding a fire pit not only adds a unique feature to any garden, it also creates a place to sit and relax when the weather cools.

We already have some great ideas for you in our Garden section and you can select the DIY option to choose the best solution for your existing space.

Add a water feature

Every garden should have some kind of water feature and it's another way to add a soothing feature to a garden. While a water feature may not actually cool you down, it does have a cooling and calming effect when you are sitting outdoors on a hot, summer day.

Making your own water feature is a quick and easy project that only needs a pump and a pot to whip up a small feature for in the garden, and again, we have quite a few DIY water features in our Garden section. If you prefer not to make your own, you will find a huge selection at most larger garden centres, and even a few at your local Builders Warehouse.



Have comfortable seating

Making your own seating for a garden is definitely a DIY-able project, even for a beginner DIY enthusiast. You can buy pine, meranti, sapele and saligna at many Builders Warehouse stores around the country and then you can choose one of our simple designs or create your own unique seating design.

A garden swing or chair is probably one of my most favourite places to sit and relax in a garden. Make one that is comfortable and lets you sit and swing with a comfortable book. I often doze off when swinging on a warm, sunny day.

Your garden swing can be as basic or detailed as your skill level will allow. Although tackling a project like this is a great way to build you skill level. As long as you have a drawing or plan to follow you should be OK.

Depending on the wood used to make your garden swing, apply the proper exterior sealer to protect and prolong the life of your finished project. And don't forget that you need to apply sealer at least every 2 years to ensure maximum protection from the elements. As an alternative to a garden swing, a larger day bed is probably even easier to make and just as much fun!

And if you love the idea of somewhere comfortable to soak up the sun or relax, what could be better than adding a day bed to your garden. This is a super-easy DIY project; simply build the frame and buy a foam mattress, whatever your size, to fit on top of the frame.

There are so many other DIY ideas that you can add to your outdoor space to make it interesting or fun, or the perfect place to entertain. The Internet overflows with DIY ideas that are quick or reasonable easy to do for all skill levels and you will also find plenty of ideas and projects in our Garden and DIY sections.



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