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A High-Pressure Cleaner Saves You Time

When you have so little time for relaxing at home, using a high-pressure cleaning saves you lots of time on cleaning jobs.


Shutterstock | Marina Lohrbach

If cleaning jobs in and around the home are starting to pile up and you just can't find the time to do them - think about buying a high-pressure cleaner. These powerful cleaners are not only good for cleaning stuff - they're also water efficient as well.

I treated myself to a Bosch high-pressure cleaner about 10 years ago. In that time I've used it to wash down walls, clean my deck and paving area, clean the garage door, wash the car about a million times and used it to wash down the walls in my pool when applying the new Poolcrete finish, plus a few other tasks.





Clean Without Damage

The trick when using a high-pressure cleaner is to use the right attachment and not apply too much / too little pressure. For example, if you are using a high-pressure cleaner on walls - without stripping off paint - use an attachment that covers a wide surface area, but when you want to remove paint from walls, use an attachment that creates a concentrated pressure point.







I also like to use my high-pressure cleaner at the beginning of spring to strip all the dead leaves off trees and shrubs and generally get rid of as much winter debris as possible. For this I use an open spray, so as not to damage the plants, but to provide just enough air and water to clean out the leaves. By doing this I reduce the amount of leaf fall on the garden and in the pool.

Remove Surface Dirt And Grime

You can use a high-pressure spray to remove layers of dirt and grime from hardscaping but do protect surrounding plants. Wet the surrounding foliage in advance to protect them from overspray, or cover the plants with plastic sheet or landscape fabric. If you need to remove grease from walkways, use an eco-friendly product that won't harm your garden plants.


Wood or composite decks are another area where dirt and mould can spoil the finish. If you are planning on re-finishing or giving your deck a makeover, using a high-pressure spray is a quick and easy way to clean the surface before fixing, sanding down and reapplying a new finish.





Prep Work For Painting

A high-pressure cleaner is ideal for cleaning down before you paint. Use it on the exterior of your home to clean walls, gutters and downpipes in preparation for painting this. You can also make quick work of cleaning a wooden fence or pallisade fencing if these are getting a makeover.

Less Water - Less Waste

Did you know that a high-pressure cleaner uses far less water than you would think. The water is fed using high-pressure via a water pump, and that is why you use less water. So rather than using a hose pipe to wash your car - use a high-pressure spray and do it faster and save water at the same time.



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