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DIY Tip: Sharpen all your Gardening Tools at Home

Oh, the joy of owning a Dremel Multitool and being able to sharpen all my own gardening tools - at home, as and when they need to be sharpened.


There are so many practical and crafty ways to use a Dremel Multitool but one of my favourites is being able to sharpen anything instantly.







I've had my Dremel 8200 (cordless) for around 6 years and I'm still finding new ways to use it in and around the house. This past weekend while out in the garden, I was trimming a couple of overhanging branches from my Hibiscus. While making the cut, I noticed that the pruning shears were not leaving a clean cut, but rather shredding the cut - not good if you want to avoid infection in the cut areas.

In the image above, you can see that the cutting edge has become dull and worn, and this is what is causing the cut to shred and tear rather than give a nice clean cut.

Best Price: I found the Dremel 3000 at R1099 at Makro and Dremel Aluminium Oxide Grinding Stone at R60/per pack of 3







Sharpening garden tools, lawnmower blades, loppers, shears and more is a 5-minute project tops if you have a Dremel Multitool and the right accessories.

The trickiest part of sharpening any cutting edge on your tools or lawnmower blades is to hold the tool at the right angle. I have found that you should hold the multitool at a 30-degree angle for best results. The more you use the tool, the easier it will be to achieve this angle, but for first-timers, you can practice on a pair of old scissors. Once the scissors are sharp, you know you're working at the correct angle.

ABOVE and BELOW: A close up of the blade after sharpening with my Dremel 8200 and Aluminium Oxide grinding stone.



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