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Cool DIY hammock for hot days

What better way to spend a lazy afternoon than in a hammock in a beautiful garden. This easy DIY only takes an hour and costs under R200 – now that’s pretty cool.

This project is brought to you by a crafty mix - a local website that offers a variety of craft and DIY projects for South Africans.


Sisal rope, 6 metres cut in half

Throw or durable fabric (140 x 180cm)

110cm wooden lath or pine dowel, with a diameter of at least 4cm

Sewing machine and supplies

Drill / Driver plus 12mm wood bit or spade bit

Tape measure and pencil






1. Fold the fabric or throw in half and then fold the outside corners in by 30cm as shown below.

If you are using fabric, make sure to sew the edges to prevent from fraying before you carry on.

2. Cut away the folded corner pieces and zig-zag the cut edges so that they don’t fray.

3. To create pockets for the sisal rope on each side you will fold each side in about 4cm and pin. Stitch up the pockets and reinforce the beginning and end with back stitches. Stitch twice to make sure the pockets are strong enough. Repeat this for the other side.

4. Make a mark 9cm and 14cm in from both ends of the lath and use a 12mm wood or spade bit to drill a hole through the lath.

5. Tie a knot at one end of each of your 3m ropes. Wrap the ends of the rope with masking tape so they won’t unravel.

6. Thread the rope down through the outer hole of the lath and into the top, narrowest edge of your hammock seat and through to the widest edge. Tie a knot about 170cm from the first knot and thread it up into the lath.  Adjust the knots up or down to make the hammock higher or lower.

Your hammock is ready to hang a shady spot in the garden. Simply knot the two pieces at the top together over a strong branch or beam.



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