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4 Tips For Cleaning The Exterior of Your Home

When planning a cleaning project on the exterior of your home, check out several valuable tips below.





For many homeowners, cleaning the house only covers the interior, but you should also include the exterior if you want to clean your home effectively. After all, the exterior of your house is constantly subject to dust, grime, and all sorts of weather elements.

The best way to give your home a facelift to improve its overall curb appeal is to clean the exterior. It’s important to note that your house's exterior endures various weather elements throughout the year, along with pollution, animals, and many more. Although you don’t have to clean as often as the interior, keeping the exterior pristine can give your home a fresh look while also boosting the overall value of your property in the long run.


If you plan a cleaning project on the exterior of your home, check out several valuable tips here:


1. The Siding

Most homeowners who want a hassle-free process when cleaning their homes' exterior opt for a pressure washing service. The best part about pressure washing is that it can effectively clean various exterior surfaces in your home. Cleaning the sidings involves removing grime and dirt buildup and surface mold, moss, or algae that can cause unsightly discoloration. There are reputable services for Pressure Washing in Raleigh NC that you can check out to learn more about the cleaning service.

An alternative to pressure washing is to prepare a cleanser using ingredients at home. Prepare a solution by mixing 70% water and 30% white vinegar. If there’s severe dirt buildup on the siding, you can add household bleach to the mixture for better potency. Spritz the solution using a spray bottle and follow with a soft bristle brush to eliminate the dirt and any mold on the surface.


2. The Gutters

In most cases, homeowners often overlook gutter care as an essential aspect of cleaning the house's exterior. If you don’t provide the gutter system with proper care and maintenance, it can impair your home's roof and sidings in the long run. Remember that the gutters require regular inspections and cleaning, at least, once a year. With this routine maintenance, you can pinpoint any damage and get a repair job right away.

The best way to clean the gutters is to remove any debris buildup and any blockages. Use a plastic gutter spoon or an old plastic spatula. After removing the debris, flush with a garden hose to remove any leftover residue. This way, water freely flows in your gutters.



3. The Windows

Cleaning the exterior of the windows can be a demanding and tedious chore. Nevertheless, it’s an essential chore that homeowners should not overlook. It’s best to clean the windows, at least, two times a year, depending on your area's weather conditions.

Windows can become dirty throughout the year as dust, pollen, and debris cling onto the glass and embed deep into the small nooks and crannies. If you live close to a dirt road, you need to clean more to get rid of the dust buildup on the windows. The best way to clean windows is to use warm foamy water and a squeegee. An alternative is to use a sponge to scrub away the dirt along with a water hose.


4. The Driveway Or Garage Floor

The concrete on your garage or driveway is susceptible to stains, especially grease and antifreeze. Stains on the driveway can also be due to mold, rust, or mildew. You can deal with the stains by applying a drying agent that you’ll leave in place for a day and then scrub using any laundry detergent. An alternative is a commercial oil stain remover that you can find in any auto parts or home supply store.

As for rust stains on a concrete driveway that’s difficult to remove, you should place powdered oxalic acid or wood bleach. Allow it to stay on the spot for a short while before scrubbing and washing away. A hassle-free alternative to clean the garage and driveway is to hire a pressure washing service. Professionals have appropriate tools to clean the surfaces quickly and efficiently.



When you live in a clean house, both inside and outside, it can be a truly inviting space that you’ll love. However, if you find cleaning the exterior of your house a taxing chore, you can always go for pressure washing services. When cleaning the exterior of your home, you should consider these valuable tips to make the chore easier to handle while making your home looking good as new.




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