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All The Tools You Need For Winter Garden Maintenance

There are plenty of tasks to do in the garden during winter and we put WORX tools to WORK for our gardening jobs that need to be done now.




This weekend I was lucky enough to get to use the latest WORX tools for my winter garden maintenance. I have been begging the WORX guys for ages to send me some demo tools to use for various tasks in the garden and I want to share my personal opinion on how the tools coped and got the jobs done.


WORX Pole Saw

My garden is my sanctuary. To many, it might seem like an overgrown jungle but my garden ethos has always been about letting things grow to their full potential and just trim and neaten up things throughout the year. In winter when it's time to do some pruning, thinning out and neatening up June-July is the perfect time to gives trees and large shrubs a much-needed trim to stop them from being straggly.



I have a single large tree in the garden that I am letting grow to provide a cool shady area for during the hot summer months. But during the winter I trim any low-hanging branches and trim back long branches. This usually involves some tricky balancing on a stepladder while holding a pair of shears and it is a painstakingly long task that leaves the body and hands aching.


The WORX Pole Saw handled easy cutting of both thin and thick branches - even those high up.



The WORX Pole Saw honestly made quick work of this project and completed what was usually an hour-long process in 15-minutes - no effort required. The WORX Pole Saw extends to reach lofty heights and has an adjustable angle head that can be set at different angles, making it easy to trim branches in all directions.



Some trees in the garden have thicker branches and the WORX Pole Saw tackled these with ease. No stepladder necessary, no need to climb up trees to reach out of the way branches, simply extend the telescopic handle to reach the branches you need to trim.









Having seen the blurb for the WORX JawSaw this was one tool I couldn't wait to use in the garden. When you need to trim thicker branches on trees and large shrubs in the garden it's usually necessary to hire a buzz saw or chainsaw or have a tree trimmer do the work for you.

The WORX JawSaw not only looks tough but it also makes easy work of chomping through tree branches, some of a substantial thickness. The tool itself is easy and safe to use.



The WORX JawSaw gives you the cutting strength of a chainsaw without the dangers. The JawSaw firmly grips branches as it easily cuts through. The enclosed blade of the JawSaw lets you use a chainsaw without the risk.



With the JawSaw you have the ability to trim, prune and thin branches around the garden easily and quickly. Ideal for trimming trees that overhang the roof and gutters or cut down trees that need to be removed.



The image below shows how easily the WORX JawSaw cuts through branches.



This year is the first that I have been able to fully do the work necessary for garden maintenance, particularly when it comes to pruning and trimming. What was normally a lengthy, time-consuming job was reduced to a total of an hour of work.








WORX Leaf Blower

I might have artificial turf in my garden but I still have to deal with falling leaves and debris that litter the garden almost every day and more after winds. I also have a pesky little Weaver Bird that loves making nests in the trees around the garden and he can make a lot of mess. Cleaning up the mess can be a mission and up until this year, I had a blower vacuum that did the job for me, before my gardener broke the zip on the collection bag, broke off the control handle and then left it outside in the rain! Since then it's been casual backbreaking labour to clean up.



I have included a before and after of the garden and a quick GIF of how the result was achieved using the WORX Leaf Blower. Was it quick... yes. Was it easy... Yes. And it was even more better that the leaf blower is battery-powered and light enough to carry around.



Starting at one corner of the garden, the leaf blower directed leaves and debris to the end of the garden where it was easy to use a rake and pick up the leaves, although in my case I generally use a fork and mix the leaves into the soil. 



The Bottom Line

The WORX range of sawing, cutting and cleaning tools are excellent value for money. The tools were well made with a sturdy design that provides a host of built-in safety features. The tools are also lightweight enough to be used by everyone and used the same battery for all. When you invest in WORX gardening tools you only need to purchase a single battery and charger to run all the tools.


You can purchase the WORX range from leading suppliers around the country. Shop online to find the best prices.





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