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An old fan becomes a wall planter

An old fan becomes a wall planter filled with a wonderfully colourful selection of succulents. Make your own fan planter for a garden or patio.



Fan grill

Sphagnum moss

Potting mix

Succulents or air plants

Mesh wire

Wire cutters

Tie wire or cable ties

Permanent marker

Find all the supplies you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.






1. You only need the grill section from an old fan. Use this as a template to cut the wire mesh to fit halfway up the front and back of the grill. Cut out with wire cutters and secure onto the grill with wire ties or cable ties. 

2. Line inside the grill with a layer of sphagnum moss, pressing it down flat around the edges, but leaving enough space to add potting soil.

3. Fill the centre of the moss with potting soil. Use your hands to press and compact before adding a layer of sphagnum moss over the top. The moss will hold the potting soil in place.

4. Poke holes through the moss with your fingers to plant up your selection of succulents. Keep the arrangement fresh with a regular misting of water.