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Simple Wood Plant Stand

As winter draws near and shrubs and trees start to drop their leaves, it's a good time to bring some plants indoors. This elegant - yet very simple - plant stand is ideal for creating an instant feature.



4 of 32 x 32 x 1000mm PAR pine - legs

8 of 22 x 44 x 236mm PAR pine - rails

Offcut 300 x 300mm - top

Wood glue

Wood filler


Air nailer or hammer and panel pins

Tape measure and pencil

Paint and paintbrush to finish

You will find a selection of both extruded polystyrene and pine moulding at Builders Warehouse.






This plant stand measures 300 x 300mm and is 1000mm high. The stand is glued together - and clamped overnight. The bottom rails are glued 200mm up from the bottom - in the centre of the leg. The upper rails are flush with the front.

Once the frame is assembled you can pop on the top (300 x 300mm) and glue on the extruded polystyrene or pine moulding. The corners on the moulding are cut at a 45-degree bevel to fit around the corners. You can do this with a mitre saw, or with a mitre box and saw.

For added strength add a few nails using an air nailer - or use a hammer and panel pins. Fill any holes with wood filler and sand smooth before painting.