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Mobile cart for garden hose

Use PVC pipe to make this handy, mobile cart for your garden hose pipe. You can move it around and store a garden hose pipe with ease.

You will find all the supplies needed for this project at your local Builders Warehouse, including the wheels.


A. 1 of 388mm length - handle

B. 4 of 178mm length - cross pieces

C. 2 of 150mm length - side bar, short

D. 2 of 510mm length, side bar, long

E. 1 of 100mm length - pull handle, short

F. 2 of 240mm length - pull handle, long

G. 1 of 368mm length - pull handle, diagonal

H. 2 of 90mm length - side bar, bottom

J. 2 of legs, cut length to suit height of wheels

6 of L's (corners)

6 of T's

1 of Elbow

3 of End caps

Tangit PVC Weld

12mm threaded rod, cut to 560mm length

Set of [2] wheels and washers

2 of Caps or nuts






1. Use a hacksaw, jigsaw or mitre saw to cut the PVC pipe to length.

2. Drill a 12mm hole in two of the L's for mounting the steel rod and wheels.

3. Assemble the sections as shown in the diagram above using Tangit PVC weld. Follow the instructions for proper application.

4. Secure the rod onto the wheels and attach caps or nuts. Insert a washer on both sides of each wheel. Some wheels include snap caps, but if not, use a bolt on the ends of the steel rod. And now your mobile hose cart is readyy for use.