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Quick Tip: Keep Outdoor Cushions Dry

A sudden shower or an unexpected downpour, I discovered an easy way to protect outdoor cushions and keep them dry.


I am often caught unawares by a quick shower or an unexpected downpour and end up with cushions that take ages to dry. If you want to avoid this problem, try the following quick tip and never have to worry ever again.

When I did my last outdoor sofa makeover, I purchased new cushion inners and covers for the cushions. The cushion inners were already packed in plastic, and rather than remove the plastic I simply placed the wrapped inner inside the cushions. This method has saved me more than a few times from having sopping wet cushions when caught unexpectedly. Instead of wet cushions, the cushion inners stayed dry and it was only the cushion cover that got wet.



Another advantage of keeping your cushion inners in plastic is that it extends the life of the inners. When wrapped in plastic, the inners keep their shape far better than when removed from the plastic cover, and they are not susceptible to mould, which tends to occur with fabrics left outdoors.

If your cushion inners don't come in a plastic wrapping, fit into large plastic bags and fold-over and tape the edge closed.




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