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Make Gardening Easier with Lawn or Flower Bed Edging

When it is a constant struggle to find free time to relax, being able to cut down on mundane tasks, particularly if you don't enjoy gardening, is one way to give yourself more time off.






Weekly gardening, even bi-monthly, can take up a considerable amount of your free time. Many don't have that much time to spare for relaxation, so being able to cut down on your regular tasks will give you more free time. Mowing the lawn, trimming the edges, removing weeds - the list is endless even in a small garden, but there are ways to cut down on gardening and one example of this is to install lawn edging or edging around flower beds or borders.









Many gardens in South Africa are planted with Kikuyu, a hardy grass species that is fast-growing. The main problem with kikuyu grass is that it can be too fast-growing, and it puts out shoots throughout the season, making lawn and garden maintenance that much more work. If you could manage kikuyu better, there would be less maintenance and mowing would be must faster.



One great solution for controlling lawn growth and keeping edges neat is to install lawn edging. You ideally want an edging product that is sunk into the ground around the lawn or beds to control grass shoots and prevent them from getting through. With an edging in place, you can mow right up to the edge without any hassle and even if your mower does not do this, it is still easy to come along with an edge trimmer to make quick work of tidying up.




There are all types of edging for lawns and beds, and you need to decide what works best and what you can afford. But like I always say, if you want a specific type of edging but the budget is tight, you can always do it over a few months and have everything in place when the grass comes out of hibernation in spring.







Type of Lawn Edging Available





Gardena and Cellfast Lawn Edging

Gardena is a brand that we have come to associate with quality gardening tools and products and their lawn edging is just one example of this. The garden lawn edging is available in a 9-metre roll (by far the longest length). For most gardens, this would be sufficient for a small lawn or several flower beds. The edging is embedded in the ground around the edge of a lawn or border and help prevent the spread of grass shoots.





The Cellfast brand of lawn edging is available at Builders countrywide and costs around R200 per 9-metre length. Both products are manufactured using a waterproof material that is flexible and controls spreading grass shoots.




First Dutch Brands Timber Edging

As a fan of everything natural, I love this timber edging product and it is also reasonably priced. At a cost of R99 per 1800mm length at Builders, you can buy as many lengths as you need to fit around the edge of a lawn and beds - far cheaper than many of the other options. The timber is already CCA treated with a preservative, but if you want the timber to last longer, apply exterior sealer or suitable treatment for exterior use and then you can also stain it in your choice of wood colour or use a colourful primary colour to stain it. A similar fence edging that I also found online retailed at R108 but for only a 1200mm length, so far pricier than other options.









Stainless Steel Edging

This stainless steel edging provides and edge to the traditional lawn edging - but it comes at a price. If your patio or entertainment area is of a contemporary or uber modern style, this design would probably be just the thing. The product is priced at R350 per metre, and you can order any length. It is imported and I wasn't able to determine if that includes or excludes shipping cost. It is available from,za if you are interested.




Plastic Faux Stone Edging

Another product via is this plastic faux stone edging. Not quite the thing if you are looking at organic or natural alternatives and it costs R50 per 240mm block, makes it very expensive if you need to cover a large area.




A nice idea, the plastic stone-look blocks to look pretty but they are only secured in place with stakes and will still allow kikuyu grass to creep through.




Plastic Garden Edging

Priced affordably, this plastic garden edging costs R369 at for a 3.9 metre length. It comes in brown or grey and is manufactured in accordance with eco-friendly guidelines by utilising recycled materials.





Kwik Kerb Concrete Edging

Kwik Kerb concrete edging needs no introduction and has been around for several years. This is a custom designed edging that can be stained in assorted colours and is installed in curves, circles, or straight lines. No pricing available for this but if you like this idea for your garden it is better to let the guys come out and give you a quote.




Concrete Bullnose Edging

Another concrete solution is the bullnose edging blocks that can be laid in curves, circles or straight lines. If they are packed together and laid properly these should prevent grass shoots from popping up all over the place. The blocks cost R13.50 each and are available at




Other Timber Edging

There are plenty of other timber edging options on the market but most of these are expensive and range in price from R199 per 350mm length and up to R525 for 1100mm length.





Benefits of Lawn Edging

Not only will the installation of edging around the lawn or flower beds allow for control over grass or plants, it also lets you create perfectly edged areas in the garden. Another added benefits of edging is that it gives any garden a smart look and professional finish.





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