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Make your own tikki torches

Make your own tikki torches using bamboo poles, recycled bottles and a few supplies you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. Use citronella lamp oil and your torches will also keep the mozzies at bay.


During the holidays the family spent a lot of time outdoors only to be eaten alive by mosquitoes. These tikki torches can be filled with citronella lamp oil and will help keep the mozzies at bay while lighting up your outdoor area in the evenings.


Bamboo poles

Glass bottles

Lamp oil (citronella oil will keep the mozzies away)

Lamp wicks


Craft knife

Cable ties


Buy all the materials and supplies for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.






1. You can use any type of glass bottle to make a tikki torch and this is a great way to recycle beer or spirit cooler bottles. Use a funnel to pour lamp oil into each bottle. Lamp oil is better than paraffin - it doesn't smell or produce black smoke!

2. Use a 10mm HSS bit to drill a hole in the original screw cap, or look around for screw on caps that will fit onto your bottle.

3. Cut a strip of wick that is long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle and protrude about 2 centimetres out of the cap.

4. Use a craft knife to split open the bamboo pole at the top. Place the bamboo pole on a solid surface and carefully cut into strips that will allow the pole to open up and support the bottle.

5. Wrap cable ties around the assembly to firmly secure the bottle in place. Cut away the excess straps with a pair of scissors. Place a cable tie at the top and bottom, as well as another cable tie below the bottle to prevent the bamboo from splitting any further.



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