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Hanging herb garden

Very simple to make but stunning to look at, this hanging herb garden would look great on a sunny wall outside a kitchen, or even indoors if there is enough light.

I found this super project on homemade modern and you will find all the supplies you need for this project - including the herbs and pots - at your local Builders Warehouse.


Laminated pine shelving, 305mm wide

Nylon line

Cable ties


Drill / Driver (18V or corded 550W drill)

Hole saw*

Orbital sander plus 240-grit sanding pads

Pliers or scissors

Tape measure and pencil

*The pot diameter should be about 10mm larger than the hole saw diameter, or have a lip at the top.






1. If you can't have your shelving cut to length in the store, cut with a jigsaw, circular or mitre saw.

2. Place the pots on the boards to mark the location for drilling the holes. You want the pots to be centred and not too close together - leave about 5cm between each pot. Cut out with a suitably-sized hole saw.


Rather than marking each board, mark one board and drill small pilot holes through the entire stack of boards. The holes will serve as guides for the hole saw.


When using a hole saw always firmly clamp your project to a workbench. Place the board to be cut on top of another board, or have a scrap piece of board handy to prevent ripping the wood on the underside.

Insert the centre drill bit of the hole saw into the board and switch on the drill before slowly lowering the blade teeth into the board.

The saw may occasionally bind if the board has excessive grain, but be patient and keep the drill upright as you drill.

3. Drill holes at the end of each board for threading through the nylon line. Use a wood drill bit that is the same diameter as the nylon line. The holes should be no less than 2cm in from the edge.

4. Use 240-grit sanding pads to sand the boards smooth.

5. Thread the nylon line through the holes and tie a knot at the bottom of each board. Make any adjustment to the spacing between the boards.

Mount the hanging garden where the weight will be adequately supported. You can mount shelf brackets to the wall, or hang from a ceiling beam. Once hung up Make sure you are hanging the garden from a location that can support the weight. Closet shelf brackets work well. Try your best to level the boards. Adjust the level of the shelves before using cable ties under the knot to secure them. The cable tie will ensure the knot stays firmly in place.