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Design a Garden around a Simple Pergola

In a garden that is lacking in any interest, adding a pergola with a simple design will let you design both a garden and your entertainment around this.






Creating a focal point in an empty garden isn't something that everyone can do. The easiest and most practical way to bring a focal point into a blank garden, especially a garden where family and friends will be spending a lot of time, is with a pergola. A basic design that is easy to do it yourself and all the materials and supplies you need at your local Builders store, the only other thing you need is a spare weekend or two to get the job done.











When you move into a property where the garden is lacking in any form of feature, or your garden is still new and you are not sure how to proceed, installing a pergola of a simple, basic design will allow you to work around this to add other features to the garden, features that will revolve around the pergola to include outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Keeping it simple lets you keep the cost down and you can always incorporate additional features over time.





Find the perfect location to set up the pergola, in this case a large space was available at the bottom end of the garden that was the perfect size to set up the pergola as well as design an area around it that would serve as a comfortable seating area. Instead of doing everything in one go, you can start with the pergola and plan everything around this as and when you can afford to do so.









As a weekend project, allow yourself a couple of weekends to assemble the pergola and then you can take your time to design the garden around this. The pergola will become an instant feature and focal point and will provide a base for all your entertainment needs, from dining outdoors with family on weekends to hosting an outdoor celebration for a special occasion. We share a project by @lustliving where the entire garden revolves around the pergola and includes relaxed living, fun with the family and all-round outdoor entertainment.





Grab the timber you need to assemble the pergola at Builders and, if you draw up a sketch or plan beforehand, you can have all the pieces cut to the exact sizes so that all you have to do is assemble.





Tie the pergola into an entertainment area or comfortable area to sit that will expand the area for both eating and dining outdoors. You can keep the budget down by putting your DIY skills to good use and make your own outdoor furniture. Again, use a simple design that looks good and can be added to if you need more pieces.





As you start to work on the features around the pergola, you can look at adding a comfortable seating area and perhaps even an outdoor kitchen or braai area. Or look at installing a pizza oven where you can cook pizza for movie nights outdoors.





Make the outdoor area a fun and relaxing place to spend time through summer and winter. The addition of a brazier or fire pit will extend the period of enjoyment and you can always kit out the pergola with curtains to ward off the chill.









Just a simple pergola...

This basic structure has become a valued feature in the garden and one where you can have al fresco dining, family get togethers or sit back and relax with friends. It all revolves around the pergola. Starting with the basic structure, you can add on details such as roofing for shade in the summer, lightweight translucent curtains that glide on the breeze and provide a respite from the hot sun, or plant creepers or climbers to weave their way up the structure.





An integral part of the landscaping should involve the installation of outdoor lighting so that the area can be used both day and night and be ready if you want to host any celebrations or host a family movie night. String rows of lights above the pergola to light up the night and create a romantic or festive atmosphere. 





Set the mood for a romantic night at home or a special celebration with family or friends.







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