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Water-borne Woodoc for garden furniture

When I originally made my outdoor sofa I wanted to leave the wood as natural looking as possible. But after seeing how Woodoc Water-Bourne transformed my deck I decided to do the same to the outdoor sofa!


You will find details on how I made, finished and upholstered the outdoor sofa here. It was originally finished with clear exterior varnish and I was not completely happy with the look, not to mention that it wasn't looking that great after only 8 months. With the launch of Woodoc Water-Bourne Deck, and having used this on my deck, I decided to apply this to the sofa.





I must say that it took a weekend to apply, allowing for drying time, and I used my Bosch PFS 5000 E, which most definitely made application easier and faster. The new range of Bosch PFS spray systems can be used with all types of paint, sealer and varnish. The PFS 5000 E comes with 3 different nozzles for different thicknesses of paint or varnish, and the air flow is adjustable depending on what you are spraying.

The most laborious part of the project was sanding down to remove the varnish previously applied. I used an Bosch PSS 200 AC orbital sander and 120-grit sandpaper to remove varnish from the large, flat surfaces and then grabbed my Bosch Primo to get into all the corners and hard-to-reach places. After that, a quick run over with 240-grit sandpaper to smooth, wipe clean and it was ready to be sprayed.

The wood sofa was placed on a large, plastic drop cloth before being sprayed. You need to apply three coats of sealer, and it is necessary to lightly sand between the first and second coats.

Don't stand too close when spraying - at least half a metre away is good enough - and spray the horizontal and vertical surfaces separately so that you can adjust the setting on the spray gun to prevent drips and runs.