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Tips for Buying and Using a Power Washer

A power washer lets you harness the cleaner power of water and water pressure for a wide range of activities, both in the home and out and about.


If you are under the impression that a power washer is only for cleaning patios and walls, we want to introduce you to the Bosch Fontus 18V Power Washer. Now you have a portable power washer that can go anywhere and clean almost anything1

The high pressure of the Bosch Fontus is ideal for dozens of grimy household cleaning jobs. Plus, you can pack it up and take it anywhere, so it's perfect for trips to the country, holidays by the season, cycling through mud, and even makes life easier if you own a caravan or RV.







Some of the tasks you can perform with the Bosch Fontus include:


Cleaning exterior brickwork

Washing down garage doors

Power washing fencing

Washing down braais and outdoor grills

Annual cleaning of guttering and downspouts

Washing bicycles, motorcycles, cars and boats

Cleaning lawnmower

Refreshing outdoor furniture

Sanitizing dustbins

Washing down driveways and pathways

And more








Using a Power or Pressure Washer

If you decide to invest in a power washer, make sure that you buy the right model with all the accessories that you need. Not all brands offer a variety of accessories that can be used for different tasks.

It is also in your favour to spend a little more to get a model that offers all the power and pressure you need; not enough pressure - job will take longer - too much can damage to what you are cleaning.

It is good to note that lower pressure is suitable for general tasks like cleaning bicycles and cars, as well as patio furniture. High pressure is ideal for cleaning concrete driveways and paving and any other heavy-duty cleaning.


Consider the tasks you need and how a power washer or pressure washer will provide the most cleaning power required. The best choice is a model that offers variable power control.


How to Determine the Correct Pressure

Leading brand pressure washers generally measure their power capability using pressure and flow rate. The higher the pressure and force of the water coming out of the pressure washer - the more intensive the cleaning power of the stream in order to allow it to get break through and remove tough dirt. The flow rate is the amount of water that comes from the pressure washer and gives the ’rinsing’ and washing action.







4 Spray patterns, adjustable water pressure, and SmartBrush


Combining pressure and flow will give you an approximate cleaning rate, or how much you can clean in a given time. For cleaning large areas quickly, high pressure and high flow rate are best. That means that by selecting the right pressure washer you can cut down the amount of time it takes to do those grimy or necessary household tasks.


Use for washing bicycles, patio and garden furniture, paving and driveway, dogs and more.


The Bosch Fontus high-pressure washer comes complete with over 15 accessories, with a selection of different nozzles and hose lengths, to adapters and patio cleaners. There are also three accessory kits to choose from: Car Wash kit, Home Emergency and Self Priming offering complete cleaning solutions.




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