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Sheds you can 'almost' live in

That empty space at the bottom of the garden would be the perfect place - for the perfect shed.


Whether it's a 'he' shed or a 'she' shed, there's no denying that some of these sheds you might not want to leave. These aren't your average potting sheds hidden away in a discrete corner of the garden - these are full-on 'hey come check out my shed' sheds!

Today's modern shed designs are practical and modern enough to serve as a home office, a comfortable garden room for entertaining, or even a guest cottage. These are sheds that have been re-imagined for our modern lives and if you can't buy one here in South Africa, there's no reason why you can't make your own.



Imagine a quiet place at the bottom of the garden, shaded from the midday sun by overhanging branches, with fresh breezes cooling your skin as you sit and relax in your very own 'she' or 'he' shed. It's not that difficult to achieve if you look at building your own shed, or at least how you can modify an existing timber shed to meet your needs. A quick online search will point you in the right direction for ready-made shed suppliers in your area and you can look at buying an affordable basic design that can be improved upon for a shed that meets your needs.

Any basic wood shed can be improved upon. With the basic structure delivered and set up in your garden, you can take the time to make improvements and add your own personal touches to create the perfect shed for your needs. And a garden shed is an easy way to create a little 'me' space in your garden without having to go through all the mess and fuss that comes with adding on or building.

Before you rush out and buy, do check with your local municipality regarding regulations as concerns garden huts. Certain areas have strict guidelines that must be followed, so please do your research beforehand.

If you like to spend time in the garden and love all things gardening, setting up a small garden shed will allow you to devote even more to creating the perfect garden. A combination shed-greenhouse can be constructed using a variety of salvaged items that you can collect over time or pick up on online classifieds. And when you know of someone who is doing alterations, don't be shy to ask for materials they are throwing out - or selling cheap - that you could put to good use to construct a shed.

How amazing is this 'she' shed made using a variety of reclaimed windows and salvaged materials. It is perfectly situated to take advantage of dappled shade from a mature tree for a place to relax in both summer and winter.

If there's no space in the house for crafts and hobbies a shed can be the perfect place to set up. Even a small 3 x 4 shed should provide ample space for most art and craft projects, and there are larger shed sizes if you need something bigger.

If you're looking for more information on sheds, Wendy houses and huts, go online to search for a local manufacturer or installer to see what options are available. There are plenty of options for ready made shed solutions that can be delivered and set up in a day.

How you decorate your shed will obviously be determined by your personal preferences and the function of your shed. You can paint a shed to blend in with the surrounding garden, or make it a stand out feature. Interior options can include insulation for all-season use, electricity and water supply, and furniture and fittings to make it a comfortable space.

If you're keen to build your own garden shed, do some online research for suitable plans or download the free version of SketchUp to draw your own plans, and pop into your nearest Builders or timber merchant to decide on the best materials to use to build your very own shed.