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Portable Braai In A Bucket

This portable bucket braai is just the thing if you don't have a braai - cook your meat, chicken and fish on a separate braai.


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Buy some galvanised buckets and a few supplies from your local Builders Warehouse to make this portable braai in a bucket. Make a single braai in a bucket, or make a braai in a bucket like ours, where you can separate your fish, meat and chicken.

Our braai in a bucket is so easy to set up you can use it at home when entertaining, or take it with you when you go out for a picnic or braai.






Galvanised bucket

Braai grid


Drill / Driver plus 6mm HSS bit

Centre punch and hammer

Tape measure and pencil



1. Measure and mark to draw two lines around the base of your galvanised bucket. The first line should be about 20 to 30mm up from the base and the second line about 50 to 60mm up from the base - see above.

2. Use a centre punch and hammer to mark points approximately 80mm along the line - around the bucket. You want a zigzag or staggered ring of indentations to make it easier to drill the holes.

GOOD TO KNOW: Making an indentation with a centre punch stops the drill bit from sliding all over when drilling the holes.

3. Use you drill/driver ad a 6mm HSS bit to drill holes through the indentations.

4. Now you're ready to place the bucket on a concrete slab or tile and light up. Place a few firelighters at the bottom of the bucket and cover with charcoal briquettes. Light your coals and place the grid on top. Once the coals are ready you're good to start braaing.

GOOD TO KNOW: When braaing with coals, always have water on hand in the event of a fire.



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