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Yard Maintenance: 5 Signs You Need To Remove A Tree From Your Lawn

Make sure that your trees don't cause any damage by removing them the moment you see any of the signs discussed in this article.




Planting trees in your lawn can be very beneficial as these can increase your property’s value and boost its curb appeal, as well as clean the air within their vicinity. Moreover, trees can help you save money on energy costs, prevent soil erosion, and encourage you to spend more time outdoors.

Trees can provide countless benefits, but only if they are trimmed or pruned regularly. When left to grow on their own, trees can eventually get weak and easily fall down, causing damages to properties and injuries to household members. These situations can cause stress and a lot of expenses.

Make sure that your trees don't cause any damage by removing them the moment you see any of these signs:


Leaning Or Overhanging Branches

The branches of your trees add more beauty to your property. The unpredictability of the shape and direction of these branches will make your property stand out from the neighborhood. However, if these branches start to lean too much in one direction, be wary. Seeing leaning or overhanging branches should prompt you to call pros, such as Tree Menders, as this can cause damage to nearby structures.

Leaning or overhanging branches can easily fall on your roof, on your neighbor’s properties, and even on your children's head. This will likely happen if you're located in an area that is usually affected by storms.


Trees Are Spreading Diseases And Infestations

Trees are just like human beings. They also get sick and have to be treated right away. When left unaddressed, a minor disease can become the reason why trees will be dead and, in worse cases, affect the health of other trees on your lawn. The longer you keep sick trees, the more severe their effects will be on your lawn.

If you notice that the trees on your lawn are diseased or infested by pests, consider having them removed right away. Diseases can worsen over time, and letting pests infest your trees can eventually affect your home. Once pests eat, breed, and live on the trees on your lawn, it won't be long before they’ll find a way inside your home, eat up your furniture, and weaken your home's structural integrity.


Damage After The Storm

Some trees are strong enough to withstand heavy winds and rains. However, trees can't stand forever, especially if they have experienced extreme weather conditions. Your trees will gradually get weaker as they survive several storms in your area.
Don't wait for another storm to hit your area again and have your tree removed once it survives one. Trees that remain standing after several storms can easily tumble over with a gush of wind, so make sure to have these trees removed before this situation happens.



Trees Are Dead

The colors of trees are one of the reasons why having them on your lawn can make your property more appealing. The leaves and flowers from the trees will add pops of colors to your property and make your area more interesting.

So, if your trees are no longer giving off these colors, it's best if you remove them from your property as soon as possible. Dead trees have poor architecture, bark abnormalities, and leaf discoloration that can become eyesores in your property. Since dead trees no longer serve their purpose, aesthetically speaking, make sure to have them removed from your lawn.


Trees Become A Lightning Risk

The condition of the trees on your lawn can affect your safety during weather changes. Regardless of how sturdy your home is, if it's situated near trees that are at a higher risk of being hit by lightning, your home and everyone living inside of it can, still, be affected by the said natural phenomenon.

When lightning hits a tree, its bark will be heated to extremely high temperatures and produce steam. In worse cases, the lightning can run along the inner bark of the tree and into the ground, causing its outer bark to be blown away. These situations are highly dangerous and can cause fires to nearby structures or injuries because of flying debris.

If you don't want to take any chances, remove the trees from your lawn the moment you notice that these become too tall. Trees that protrude in one area are frequent victims of direct lightning strikes.


Trust The Pros

Once you've ticked the signs listed in this article, start looking for professionals who can remove trees off of your lawn. Never attempt to remove trees by yourself as this can only do more harm than good, especially if you don't have the necessary experience and tools for the job.

By hiring professionals to remove trees from your lawn, you'll have peace of mind, knowing that the trees are removed properly, and no other elements on your property are damaged.




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