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Brazier from Washing Machine Drum

Here's an easy way to turn a washing machine drum into a fire pit or brazier to keep you warm on chilly evenings outdoors.


This simple design from Instructables is super easy to make, and all you need is a stainless steel drum taken from a broken washing machine and some galvanised pipe.





For the legs of the brazier or fire pit you need to cut down lengths of galvanised pipe. You want a thread diameter that is as close as possible to the mounting holes at the back, which becomes the base, or the drum. You're not going to get a perfect fit but can use a steel file to enlarge the holes to allow for fitting the galvanised pipe legs.

Make sure that the pipe legs are screwed tightly into the base to give the brazier or fire pit the support it needs.

Now you're ready to use the drum as a brazier or fire pit to warm up your seating area on chilly evenings.