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Outdoor hideaways for the kids

Kids love using their imagination for play, and these playhouses and structures are easy enough to make if you have the tools and skills.

Army wife, Jen, is always on the move, so she made the playhouse above so that it is easy to take down when the need to move again. The design uses steel braces and brackets to hold the frame together. She offers detailed plans, but you will need to convert the measurements to metric in order to have all the pieces cut to size. Also note that our tongue and groove panels are not as wide as those shown above, so you will need to allow for more.

A more permanent design, this treehouse-style playroom offers the ultimate fun room for kids. It even has a slide on one side to add to the fun. Mounted on a timber platform, the playroom is a timber frame topped off with an IBR roof. Drapes of outdoor fabric offer privacy and shade during the summer months.





We have previously featured this cosy outdoor playhouse on Home-Dzine, and it is really easy to make. Visit the page and you will find metric measurements to build the playhouse. All the timber required to build the structure can be found at your local Builders Warehouse, and then you simply add drapes to offer privacy and shade, and a practical rug for comfort underfoot.

For those who love the idea of a playhouse for the kids but don't have the tools or skills to build one, you could consider buying a small Wendy house or garden hut and converting this into a fun playroom. We offer some ideas for this on Home-Dzine.

Or opt for a more basic outdoor structure using tree branches or dowels and some colourful fabric to make a teepee. You can even use PVC pipes to make an outdoor teepee.