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Build A Portable Deck For Rental Property

Living in a rental property means you are limited by what the landlord will allow you to do, but this portable deck is freestanding and can be assembled easily and removed when you need to move.





When you live in a rental property, you are limited by what the landlord will allow you to do, but transforming your outdoor area with a portable deck lets you make something practical that can easily be assembled and removed when you move on. In this feature, we will show you how easy it is to make a portable deck, one that will instantly add appeal to an outdoor area and where you can sit back and relax with family and friends.







Not all rental properties are kitted out with a beautiful outdoor area, but we show you how to make a portable deck where you can enjoy your outdoor space and not worry about the landlord.




When you move into a rental property that looks good on the inside but not so great on the outside, you are limited by what you can do in terms of improving the situation. The landlord might be okay to leave things as is and not want to outlay any capital on renovations or improvements, but since you are going to be staying in the property, spending a bit on your side will allow you to enhance your living area by adding a multi-level deck for outdoor entertaining.

Buying the materials for a decking project might seem like a lot, but when you consider that you can purchase affordable untreated - non-PAR - timber at your local Builders store or timber merchant, it might work out less expensive than you think. And we already have basic guidelines for constructing the decking frames in this article.










levelling screw


This multi-level deck is constructed with pre-made frames, shown below, which are fastened together to create the deck. Using this method you can quite easily construct frames to fit into a particular space outdoors.

The pre-made frames are supported on a concrete slab base (and for which you might need the landlord's approval to installed) and have levelling screws and nuts that are attached to the base. These levelling screws and nuts allow for small adjustments to be made to level out the decking frames. The levelling screw shown left can be obtained at Leroy Merlin stores.





Once the deck is assembled, level and sturdy, you can secure the decking planks onto the deck frames, either by using screws to permanently secure the decking planks to the frames or by assembling the deck planks into a single component and setting everything up so that you can simply pop the component into the decking frames.









Whether permanent or a temporary portable deck, you need to finish off the timber and decking with an exterior sealer. Not only will this bring out the beauty of the wood, but it will also protect the structure from rot and insect infestation. Whatever product you use, make sure it is suitable for exterior use, check how often it needs to be re-applied and follow the manufacturer's recommended guidelines for proper application.



It is essential that you finish off decking by applying an exterior sealer, either clear or tinted depending on the finished look you want for the deck.






Now that the deck is installed, you can take time to decide on how you want to finish by dressing up the space. Container plants are always a good option and help to soften the hard lines, while durable, outdoor fabrics bring comfort to a deck.






Now all that's left to do is to dress the deck with furniture and accessories. You want the outdoor space to be just as comfortable as indoors so think about seating and tables. With the two essentials sorted, you can add a few accessories to make the deck even more homey.


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