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Cool Ideas for Patio Furniture

Tired of hum-drum neutrals? Grab a can or two of spray paint and some fabric and try these cool ideas for a colourful summer!


If your patio or balcony is bland and boring, don't forget that it is so easy to use spray paint and fabric to create a colourful outdoor area - even on a tight budget.

Transforming furniture with spray paint has become one of the easiest ways to add colour to a home - both indoors and outdoors. The amazing range of spray paint colours gives you a myriad of ways to create a festive atmosphere or liven up an outdoor space. And there are plenty of spray paint brands to choose from depending on your budget.





Bright Ideas for Garden Chairs

Whether your garden chairs are wicker or wood, there's no reason why you can't use spray paint to give them a brand new look with bright colours.

Pop into your local Builders store and you will find plenty of spray paint options. Spraymate is an inexpensive way to give old furniture a new look on a budget, or apply even more colour with the Bravo range of spray paints. For a longer-lasting finish, treat your garden chairs to one of the Rust-Oleum range of spray paint products and unleash your creativity by adding some new colours and cushions to complement the look.

Steel and aluminium furniture is just as easy to transform. Start by taking the chair apart and replacing the worn or faded fabric with new outdoor fabric in bright colours. This will also give you the opportunity to refresh the chair frame with a few coats of spray paint.







Colourful Ideas for Side Tables

You can use spray paint on other items of furniture too. Why not buy a decorative stencil and apply a durable spray paint finish to your side tables. Choose colours that you have already incorporated in the space, or get your inspiration from a colourful shrub or flower in the garden.

Even a single side table can be transformed with paint to add some vibrant colour to a patio, poolside area or balcony. For those who love to craft with mosaic, you can even use colourful mosaic tiles and ceramics to design and interesting piece.

Get Creative with Accessories

There's nothing more refreshing than an outdoor table that is colourful and vibrant. And you would be surprised at how easy is it to replicate the look at home.

Grass placemats are available at most home decor stores and you can easily brighten these up with a coat or two of spray paint. Don't use a gloss spray paint for these items, satin will dry to a perfect finish and be just as durable.





Continue the colourful theme with bright linens for your serviettes. If you don't own a sewing machine you can make your own serviettes with iron-on interfacing to secure the edges around the shape. And you will find fabrics and interfacing at most larger fabric stores countrywide.

Design your own Cushions

Cushions can be pricey these days, but you can make (or buy) plain cushions and use fabric paint to add your own colourful designs. That way you get to save money and create custom cushions that incorporate colours from your patio or balcony, or take your inspiration from the garden.

This summer you can create your very own staycation destination - at home in your garden or on a balcony. Be inspired by the kaleidoscope of colours in spray paint, or let pretty patterned fabrics dominate your outdoor entertaining areas.

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