Benefits Of An Indoor Fireplace

There are plenty of benefits to having an indoor fireplace installed, whatever type of heating source you choose for the fireplace.

The Latest Trends in Home Storage: Elegance Meets Functionality

In this article, we discuss the latest storage home storage trends, where elegance meets functionality.

15 Practical Tips for Comfortable Living in Small Spaces

15 Tips that will make you endure the closeness of a compact space and thrive in this environment.

How To Manage Living In A Small Space

Living in a small space might be all that we can afford but that doesn't mean that we cannot make a small house a comfortable home.

Smart Tips for Open-Concept Living Room Ideas

From furniture to natural light placement to color palettes, this will guide you through every step of the way.

This Year, Make Resolutions for Your Home

We generally tend to make resolutions of a personal nature but this year, consider making resolutions that you can put into practice to create a welcoming home that is energy efficient and comfortable.

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A Home That Stays in Touch with Nature

Modern organic design is the decorating style of the future as we all strive to move away from mass-produced synthetic elements towards those infused with nature.

Add a Glass Panel to Hollow Core Door for More Light

To lighten up my dark passage, I added a glass panel to a standard hollow core door as per this method. The addition of the glass panel made a huge difference and instantly brightened up the space.

The Art of Furniture Selection: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of furniture selection? Get ready for an adventure where you'll become a pro at choosing furniture that not only looks good but also gives comfort and functionality.

Make a Storage Side Table for a Living Room

A storage side table is a practical piece of furniture if your living room is short on space - and storage - and the instructions below let you make one in a day

The Impact of Side Tables with Storage

One essential piece of furniture that can make a significant difference in the organization and functionality of your living room is the side table with storage.

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Tips for Arranging Furniture in a Living Room

When furniture takes up more space than it should and it is hard to move freely through the living room, perhaps it's time to re-think the furniture arrangement for something better.

Transform a Newly Built House into a Home

Townhouses, flats and apartments are being built all the time to meet the demand for property and even though these houses are new many lack any form of detail that make them feel like home but you can add these yourself.


Time For a New Look in The Living Room

Spring is in the air and what better time than now to decide it is time for a new look for the living room, especially if you haven't decorated the space for a long time.

Give Your Home A Modern Update for Spring

If you have lived in your home for 10 years or more you probably haven't even realised how dated it feels and it might be time to stand back and assess each room.

When is it Time to Forget About Trends?

These days everyone sets their watch according to trends but there comes a time when you reach a level that enough is enough - forget about trends!

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Add a Few Simple Touches to bring Sophisticated Vibes to Any Room

Decorating a home is not easy if you don't have any idea what you are doing but there is a way to add a few simple touches for a sophisticated room.

Fashionable Fireplace Ideas From Cemcrete

A built-in fireplace is still one of the most popular and practical ways to heat a home and Cemcrete finishes give any fireplace a fashionable look whatever the style of the home.

How to Keep a Home Warm During Load Shedding

How can you keep a home warm when load shedding takes place throughout the day and night?

Top Picks for a Corner Fireplace to Warm a Home over Winter

Anyone who is looking to install any type of fireplace to keep away the winter chill will appreciate the value of a fireplace tucked away in the corner of a room.

How to Soundproof a Townhouse or Apartment

Townhouse living has its advantages but it does not have peace and quiet from next-door neighbours!

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Refresh your Living Spaces without Spending a Cent!

It will not be long before we head indoors for winter and now is a great time to refresh your living spaces ahead of time.

A Room Of Your Own

From providing a place to relax to giving you a spot to work or study, a room of your own can be the perfect refuge.

Dressed to Impress: Stage a Home to Attract Buyers

Home staging refers to the actions taken to “dress up” or “stage” a property to make it more attractive and more appealing to prospective buyers.

How to Build Built-In Cabinets or Cupboards

Built-in cabinets or cupboards are the best way to add storage or a decorative feature to a plain room, but how do you go about it?


Ideas for Modernizing an Old Staircase

Here are some ideas that you can put to use to modernize an existing staircase.

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How to have a Cool Christmas in a Hot Climate

We South Africans know not to expect a white Christmas and decorate our homes to suit the hot climate and you will love some of these summer decorating tips for a festive holiday season.


Ideas for a Feature Wall Behind the TV

Flat screen TVs have taken over our homes and become an integral part of our lifestyle as we use them for entertainment, relaxation, and interaction, so why shouldn't you have a feature wall that lets the TV take Centre stage?


What Sectional or Sofa is Best for your Room Layout?

You will be wise to invest in a sectional or sofa that fits perfectly into a room, is comfortable to relax on, and becomes the feature of the room.



How to Wall Mount a Flat Screen SMART TV

There is a right way and a wrong way to mount a flat screen SMART TV onto the wall.




Tips to Make a Narrow Room Appear Visually Wider

An optical illusion is something that fools the eye into seeing something that isn't real - and here is a trick you can use to make a narrow room appear visually wider.



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19 Ideas for Organizing Small Houses

Here is some advice on how to organize your home and make it more functional with these storage ideas for small spaces.


Use Fresh Fabrics and Textiles to Breathe Life into a Home

Decorate your home with fresh fabrics and textiles that will breathe new life into any room.


Adding Value to your Home

Take a look at some simple and affordably ways to add value to your home.


Resurface a Face Brick Fireplace Surround

Not everyone looks the rustic look of face brick, and we show you how to resurface a brick fireplace surround using porcelain, ceramic or natural stone tiles.


Stylish and Warm Home

Beautiful And Sophisticated Eco-friendly Interior Design Tips To Keep You Warm This Winter

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Living in a Small Apartment or Townhouse with Young Children

Living in a small apartment or townhouse can be difficult enough without children but unexpected arrivals can happen and you need to work around this somehow.


How to Hide, Cover Up or Disguise Eyesores in a Home

Every home, particularly older builds, have fittings or fixtures that need hiding, boo-boos that need covering up, or eyesores that need to be disguised can be dealt with easily, quickly and affordably.


Decorate a Living or Family Room around a TV

A TV stand should be more than just to accommodate a TV and there are plenty of stylish ways to boost functionality without sacrificing style.


Make any Rental Property feel like Home

With a substantial number of the population living in rental properties we show you how to add a few accessories to put your stamp on a rental and make it feel more like home.


Decorate a Home with Silk Flowers

Buying fresh flowers for a home could end up costing a fortune whereas a silk flower arrangement is a one-time splurge.

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Modern Entry Hall Ideas for Every Home

If you have an empty area at the entrance to your home, here are a few ideas on how to style the space to welcome guests into your home.


Add Colour, Texture, Pattern and Warmth with Rugs

Rugs have become a hot topic with interior designers and every room in the home needs a rug that adds colour, texture, pattern, and warmth during the winter months.


Improve your Home With these Weekend Projects

Spruce up your space this weekend with these quick home-improvement projects.

Use Spray Paint to Create a Custom Rug Design

Here is an easy way to take a plain piece of carpet and turn it into a designer rug, custom-designed for your home.

Bring the Warmth of Wood into Your Home

Solid wood furniture has always been an integral element of interior design, but wood has become more than just furniture as you will see below.

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These Vertical Shelves are Perfect for a Small Bedroom

Small or medium, most bedrooms need as much space as possible to comfortably move around, and these vertical shelves will provide storage without sacrificing floor space.

Make Sure that Furniture Fits

There can be nothing worse that finally finding that perfect piece of furniture only to discover that it doesn't fit through the door or is too big for the room.

Where to put the Christmas Tree in a Small Home

Not every home has the space for a full-size Christmas tree, but where do you put one if you don't want to settle for a mini version?

Before and After Interior Makeovers to Inspire You

A little inspiration can go a long way and the following before and after interior makeovers show just how easy it is to give your living spaces life.

Top 7 DIY Ideas to Upgrade and Revamp Your Home Décor

You don’t have to break the bank when revamping and upgrading your home décor - all you need are some simple DIY tricks.

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Make A Small Entrance More Appealing

Not many homes have a large entrance hall into their homes, but there are plenty of clever ways to make even a small dark entrance feel welcoming.

Design A Home For Relaxed Living

One favourable outcome of the global pandemic is that we have taken cognizance of our lifestyle to incorporate a style that is more relaxed and comfortable.

The Role Of The TV In The Home Has Changed For Many

HDTV, Smart TVs, Showmax, Netflix and a host of other services has changed how the TV takes pride and precedent in the living room, so where should you put the TV these days?

Why It Is Better And Safer To Wall-Mount A TV

If you are investing in a large, flat screen TV for your living room, here are some reasons why it is better to have it wall-mounted.

Convert Your Attic Into Living Space For The Kids

Post 2020 and the Covid pandemic, more kids are staying at home with their parents, but what to do when there isn't enough living space for everyone?

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Winter Design Insights on Fireplaces and Heating

Having the right fireplace in your home can bring an elemental warmth that not only heats your home but comforts the soul.

Ideas For Decorating A Studio Apartment

We offer a few designer tricks you can use when decorating a studio apartment.

Can't Afford New Doors? Fake It!

If you are living with boring hollow core doors here's how you can quickly give them an elegant look without too much cost.



5 DIY Tips to Infuse Personality into Every Room of the House

Your home should celebrate your uniqueness, regardless of how quirky you may be.

How Can You Keep A Home Warm Without Higher Electricity Bill?

Here's how to keep your home warm when the cold front hits - without increasing your electricity bill.

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Is It Worth The Cost To Have Furniture Reupholstered?

What do you do when the perfect piece of furniture for your home becomes stained, torn or damaged - is it worth the cost to have it reupholstered?

Storage Ideas For Your New Home

When moving into your new home, one of the first things to look at is how to have a more organised home with the right storage solutions.

7 Ideas For Brightening Up Your Home

Take a look at the following top ideas to brighten up your home and transform it into a lovely haven.

Tips On Choosing Wallpapers For Your Living Room

The following tips will help you find the appropriate wallpaper for your living room.

Get Your Home Ready For Winter Chills

Keeping the home warm and snug during the winter requires a little advance preparation.

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6 Weekend Projects For A Living Room

Give your living room or family room a weekend update with one of these 6 weekend projects you can do on a budget.

The Art Of Downsizing

Whether it's because the kids have gone on their own and you want a smaller home, or because downsizing is something you have to do, downsizing can be good for you.

Finishing Touches For Renovations

With so much excitement at the end of a home renovation project, don't forget a few things that really give a room or home that finishing touch.

Top 3 Signs That Your Carpet Needs To Be Replaced

In this article, we share with you five ways you can tell if your carpet or rug needs to be replaced.

How To Give Any Rental Home a Glam Update

When you rent your home, making decorative changes gives you limited options- unless you go glam with vinyl tile stickers.

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Get your home ready for guests

If you are having guests coming to stay for the holidays and your home is looking a bit drab, these quick tricks to spruce up your space.

5 Tips to an Affordable Family Room Makeover

Giving your living space an affordable makeover will make it an exciting place to spend your relaxing time.

Tips for Furniture Layout in Living Rooms

When you factor in how much furniture goes into a living room, finding the perfect layout for everything isn't always easy but these tips will help you along the way.

Breathe New Life into a Room with Throw Cushions

Introducing new fabrics can bring unexpected colour, pattern and texture into a living room to give it a different look and feel.

3 Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture

If you want to give your furniture a revamp, take a look at these three ways to repurpose old furniture.

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6 Storage Ideas For Awkward Or Unusual Spaces

Finding extra space to store more stuff isn't easy when your home is already jammed full, but there are a few places to store more that you probably never thought of.

Style A Room Around A Corner Sofa Or Sectional

Great for small living rooms and compact spaces, a corner sofa or sectional fits nicely into a room, but how do you style a room around this piece of furniture?

10 Easy DIY Projects you can do in a Weekend

If you are still feeling down and need a pick-me-up, try one or more of these easy DIY weekend projects for the home.

Simple Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Living Room

Take inspiration from these simple décor ideas to transform your living room without having to spend too much.

The Allure of Candles

Candles have been a part of our lives for centuries but have become an essential decorative element in our homes for many reasons.

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7 Reason to Add Wood Accents to a Home

As we look for greener more sustainable options for our homes, people are taking advantage of the sustainability and beauty of natural wood accents and accessories.

5 Living Room Ideas to Warm Up Your Space

Here’s how you can transform your living room into a warm and cozy retreat without making drastic changes:

How to Select the Perfect Vase for Fresh Flowers or Floral Arrangements

While I am crafty in other areas, I must admit to being at a bit of a loss when it comes to choosing the perfect vase for fresh flowers or floral arrangements.

Awesome Couch Cover Ideas

There are plenty of awesome couch or sofa cover ideas that you can utilize to spruce up your upholstered furniture.

Make a Home Accessible for Elderly Parents

Many things that can be done to make a home more accessible for elderly parents.

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Tips for when Buying a Lounge Suite or Sectional Sofa

When buying a lounge suite or sectional sofa, it is very important to ensure that it is going to fit in the room before you buy.

How to Make the Most out of a Small Apartment?

In this article we look at how can you make the most out of a small apartment.

Add Warmth with a Fireplace

Not only does a fireplace instantly add warmth to a chilly room, but it can also be a focal point in a plain room.

10 Easy Home Decor Ideas For Summertime

Here are our top 10 Home Décor Ideas that can help you to decorate your place for summer times.

How to Decorate a Long, Narrow Living Room

When moving into an apartment, townhouse or home that has a long, narrow living room, there are a few designer tricks you can put to good use to decorate the space.

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A Cosy and Colourful Makeover for any Room

Autumn is upon us and if you have a room or two that needs a makeover to keep it warm, try one of these easy ways to make any room feel warm and cosy.

Top Interior Design Trends For Increasing House Value

When staging a property, just because you like something doesn’t mean that another person will as well.

What's the best place for the TV!

How strange it is when a TV was considered taboo in a living room but has now become (once again) the centrepiece!

Decorate the Wall above a Long Sofa or Couch

Decorating the wall above a long sofa or couch can be a difficult one if you're not clued up on interior design, but there are plenty of ways to fill up this blank space and we share some great ideas with you.

Every Home should have plenty of Natural Light

In today's built environment, designers are putting more effort into natural lighting for a home, from adding more windows to the positioning of a home for maximum light.

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Weekend Upgrades to Refresh a Home

Small upgrades don't need to cost a fortune and will provide an instant facelift to a home, so check out these small changes that can have a big impact on any room in the home.

Spice up your living area with Glass Cabinets

When it comes to modern architecture, nothing advocates sophistication and elegance more than a touch of glass here and there, in the form of glass cabinets.


How to Organise your Home with Baskets

Using baskets is the easiest way to organise any room in a home and they are invaluable for storage in rooms that tend to get cluttered quickly.

Your DIY Guide to Keeping Your Home Cool During the Summer

There are a number of DIY projects that you can undertake to ensure that your home is at the perfect temperature during the summer.

Secondhand Furniture Revival

Call it furniture makeover, upcycling furniture, revamping furniture or furniture revival, the trend continues where DIY enthusiasts are buying secondhand furniture to give it a new lease on life.

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5 Must-Have Items for a Sensory Room

Setting up a sensory room is essential to aid in the developmental skills of children, regardless of whether they have special needs or not.

Things to Consider When Buying Furniture for Your Home

Here are some things to consider when buying the right furniture for your home.

Reduce Ambient Noise at Home, Inside and Out

It’s a known fact that noise pollution is a thing; exposure to both loud and moderate noises can damage some fragile parts of your ears - let alone the havoc it can wreak on your nerves.

Living Room that's also a Bedroom

When you live in a studio apartment or small townhouse you need to set up a living space that also serves as a bedroom, or have a comfortable bed for when family or friends sleepover.

How to Soundproof Your Home Without Breaking Your Budget

Making a Peaceful Home The Cheap Way: How to Soundproof Your Home Without Breaking Your Budget

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Refresh your Living Room

Your living room has to put up with a lot, but if it's looking a bit tired, try some of these tricks to refresh the space.

DIY: How to Make Your Student Room Feel Like Home

To help you determine how to best spend on interior improvements, check out these interior design ideas that will boost the value of your home

DIY: How to Make Your Student Room Feel Like Home

Let’s unleash some student room ideas you can execute on a budget to make your dorm room the home you envisioned.

Cool Home for a Hot Climate

Temperatures are rising and if this is the future it makes a lot of sense to decorate a cool home that is perfect for a hot climate.

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Finding a Coffee Table that Fits Perfectly

Unless you have a knack for design, finding the perfect pieces of furniture to fit into your home can be difficult, and we're here to help.

The Creative Winter Guide to Warming up your Home

What can homeowners do to keep their houses nice, toasty, and warm through the winter months?

How to cope with One-Room Living

Whether you are going on your own for the first time or downgrading from a larger home, one-room living doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Must-have secondhand bargains

Don't waste money on assembly-line furniture and décor for your home when thrift store items can appear like new. Pick up these 5 necessities for upgrading your home on your next thrift trip!

Anyone would think it's Spring!

The warmer days have arrived well before the advent of spring, so perhaps we should take advantage of cooler days before the summer heat begins.

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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Ethanol Fireplaces

It is important to learn as much as you can about ethanol fireplaces before deciding whether or not they are the right choice for your home.

Discover the fun in buying secondhand furniture

When you are looking to add furniture to your home, especially pieces with a lot of character, it helps to know what to look for when buying old furniture at secondhand stores or online.

How to create a beautiful display for a room

Not everyone has the ability to set up a wonderful display without too much thought, so here are a few ways to use creative displays to give a room a new look - without redecorating.

Refresh body and soul at home

Winter has a way of making you feel like your head is stuffed with cotton wool and your body is sluggish, so try these tips to refresh body and soul.

Benefits of installing a Ceiling Fan

Not just a great way to cool down a room, ceiling fans are an eco-friendly alternative to an air conditioner and can also be used to illuminate a space.

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3 Easy Ways to Add Colour to your Living Spaces

Every home needs a splash of colour here and there, particularly when winter dresses the garden in shades of grey and green.

How to deal with Noisy Neighbours

Apartment and townhouse living means that many of us have to put up with noisy neighbours - but there are a few tricks you can use to block out sound from neighbours.

6 Elegant Decor Tricks for White Walls

White has a lot of benefits when it comes to home decoration, but it also has a few drawbacks as well.

Fall in Love with your Home

When you live in a home for a few years it can easily become a bit boring, so we compiled a selection of easy decor tricks to help you fall in love with your home again.

Disguise a Sad, Saggy Sofa!

If you don't have the budget to replace a sad, saggy sofa, you can try these tips to disguise and get more use out of your sofa.

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Decor ideas perfect for a rental home

Most landlords won't let you do projects in a rental home but these ideas are perfect!

Turn your Fireplace into a Stunning Feature

I have seen many homes where the fireplace is overlooked, yet it is so easy to turn a fireplace into a stunning feature or focal point in a room.

Decorate your Home with Warm Elements

As summer comes to an end, we start looking for ways to add warmth to our homes - without turning on heaters and spending a fortune on electricity!

Ideas for Decorating a Hallway

Most homes have some kind of hallway, whether it's a long, narrow passage to bedrooms, or a short hallway leading to other room. We offer advice on dressing up a hallway.

Revitalize Your Living Space on a Budget

If you want to revitalize your living space without emptying your bank account, there are ways to brighten, freshen and invigorate on a small budget.

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Shelves that make a statement

Shelves don't necessarily have to be used as a place to store things, you can also design and make your own shelves as a knock-out feature for walls in a home.

DIY Solutions for a Rental Home

When you are renting a home you need to look for easy ways to add your personal touch without damaging walls, etc.

New Year Resolutions for Your Home

This year, instead of making resolutions for yourself, here are some resolutions you can put into practice for a beautiful, energy efficient and comfortable home.

3 Easy Ways to Add Colour to a Living Room

If you feel that your living room feels a bit sterile and lacks personality, here are 3 easy ways to add colour, texture and pattern.

Have a 'Merrier' Christmas

Don't hassle about crowded restaurants and bars when you can celebrate with your own sparkle-filled party  - at home!

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Finish off any room with Over Skirting

Not inspired by the range of wood skirtings available, a small passage was finished off with simulated wood polymer Over Skirting.

Quick refresh for the holidays

If you have guests arriving over the holidays, you'll want your home to look fresh and welcoming, and we've got a few easy and inexpensive tips to help you.

Definitely not a minimalist Christmas!

Minimalist Christmas? What does that even mean - a sad Christmas tree that looks forlorn and lost! I say go big for Christmas and fill a home with festive cheer.

Add a bar to your home

If you have the space, setting up a bar in your home is not only a fun way to entertain, it also saves you money on going out to be pub or for cocktails.

Under-the-Couch Storage Ideas

Living room storage - here are some DIY solutions you can try out yourself.

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Ferns for a dash of greenery in the home

No longer just for grannies, ferns are gaining popularity as a favourite houseplant for urban dwellers.

Breathe new life into old pieces

We all have certain pieces that we can't bear to part with, be it a collectible or a hand-me-down piece of furniture.

Home DIY Décor Made Easy

Does your home need a little TLC or is it in need of a splash of creativity and colour?

Get your outdoors ready for summer

Temperatures are rising and South Africans are spending more time outdoors in the garden - is yours ready for the summer?

Open plan living - A one-room lifestyle

Open plan living doesn't have to mean a single room without any divisions - this open plan home has clearly defined living spaces.

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Give your home a Spring makeover

Spring is the perfect time to give your home a new look if it's starting to feel boring and bland.

Quick Tip: Cool or warm lighting

When buying CFL or LED lamps you have the option to choose between cool or warm light.

Soundproof a home

When you live in a townhouse development or apartment neighbours can be noisy, so here's how to add soundproof to your home without expensive alterations or materials.

Creative Flooring Ideas to Add Flair to Your Home

Here are some ideas that will look great and add value to your home without breaking the bank.

Moving into your first home

My son and his new wife recently moved into their first house, and with it came the joys and woes of starting out - finding furniture and accessories to decorate the space to make it a home.

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Breathe new life into an old flat

Moving into an old flat or apartment may require you to put on your thinking cap to turn it into a home.

Ceilings impact your home comfort

Aside from creating a barrier between the interior of a building and the roof, ceilings also create a barrier from the cold and if the correct materials and techniques are used, ceilings can contribute towards making homes warmer in winter.

Add detail the affordable way

If your walls are a bit flat and boring, here's how to add detail affordably using pine moulding and trim.

How to Dress a Sofa

When buying furniture for your home, a neutral sofa allows you the freedom to use affordable accessories to style the sofa in so many different ways.

Choose the perfect sofa

The guys at Block and Chisel offer advice on how to choose the right sofa for your living room.

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Dress up a staircase with moulding

Here's an easy way to add interest to a bland staircase, using moulding and trim that you can buy at any Builders.

Quick Tip: Fresh look for saggy sofas

We'd all love to be able to buy a new sofa every few years, but not many can afford to do so. The best way to fix a sad sofa is to fresh the cushions - seat and back - and give it a good clean.

New collection of 12 rugs

Farrow & Ball, British craftsmen in paint and paper, has collaborated with The Rug Company, the leading purveyor of the finest quality handmade rugs.

Festive home decor

Not everyone has an inherent talent for dressing a home for the festive season. If you struggle deciding how to decorate your home for the holidays, here are some ideas and tips to make it easier.

Home Makeover for the Holidays

If you've got guests coming to stay for the holidays and you're looking to give your home a quick and easy makeover, we offer a few simple ways to tweak your living space.

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Decorating On A Tight Budget

Making sure your home is looking the way you want it to can be exciting and fun. However, it is easy to fall into a spending trap; getting caught up with all the interior trends and shiny, new furniture.

Downsizing to a smaller home

When a family swapped their big house for a modest space, they didn't want to have to make any compromises on their quality of living.

Quick Tip: Confident with colour

Choosing the right colour scheme can be both exciting and scary. A well-designed interior incorporates a variety of colours, in the right proportions, for a good balance.

Cool Down With A Ceiling Fan

If you're looking to keep your home cool during the hot spring and summer, shop for a ceiling fan that has a reversable function.

Trends for Spring | Summer 2017

It's always nice to see what's trending for Spring and Summer, to check out what I can add to my home to keep it fresh and modern. Take a look at what's trending for this Spring and Summer at home decor stores.

Care for Laminate Floors

Laminate floors have a protective layer over the decorative face - proper care and maintenance of that protective layer will extend the life of your floors.

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Moving into your first home

Moving into your first, unfurnished apartment, means that you’re going to need furniture - especially if you've been living at home.

A home ready for Spring

We've hibernated during the cold winter, but now it's time to dust off the cobwebs and update your home for the sunny months ahead.

How to visually extend living spaces

Interior Designers have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to make any living space appear larger than it is...

Quick Tip: Declutter for Spring

Spring cleaning may be an old-fashioned tradition, but there's something to be said about decluttering and cleaning out a home in readiness for the warmer months ahead.

How to hang wallpaper

This project shows how to hang wallpaper - the paintable kind that you can buy at Builders Warehouse - to cover up defects on a wall.

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Make it a home, rented or not

Living in a rental property can be hard if your landlord won't let you do the little things that make a house a home. There are a few designer tips you can use to decorate a rental.

Quick Tip: DIY Bookshelf Ideas

A bookshelf is still one of the most practical pieces of storage furniture you can have in a home. We look at various ideas for vamping up a steel bookshelf.

Modern Update for a Home

When you've stayed in a home for 10 or more years, you don't realise how dated rooms can look. That's when you need to stand back and truly assess the space.

The Perfect Size Rug

Buying the perfect rug can be a difficult decision. Take the worry out of buying the wrong one with this handy guide to choosing the right size rug for the room.

Is your home hygge?

Hygge is a word that refers to cosy at home or comfortable at home, and we could all do with a bit of hygge!

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Add texture and warmth with a rug

When winter hits, concrete or tiled floors are cold underfoot. Add colour, pattern, texture and warmth with a floor rug.

Space to live in a small home

When you live in a small home it pays to embrace the space and make the most of what you have. Love the home you live in!

Decorate for warmth

The days are getting shorter and winter will soon be upon us. We offer some tips on creating a welcoming, warm home without totally overhauling your living spaces.

Home Automation with Control4 Smart Home

From your smartphone or tablet, you can now command virtually any system and device, from anywhere, at any time. You’ve now imagined a life possible, in a Control4 Smart Home.

Mix colour and pattern when decorating

Decorating a home with patterns can be a bit confusing, especially if it's not something you're particularly good at. We take advice from a textile designer.

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Drama walls

Some rooms need a little help to look stunning and this DIY panel wall is an easy way to add interest to a plain wall and dress up a room.

Ideas for alcoves

If you have alcoves in your home, these can be used to create space-saving areas for bookcases, shelves, built-in seating, or even a small home office.

Wood adds texture and warmth

Nature provides us with all the materials we need to build and make. Timber is not only the most eco-friendly building material you can use, it also brings texture and warmth to a home.

Is your home too full of stuff!

With homes and gardens getting smaller, homeowners are realising the potential value of space in a garage. But if your garage has become a dumping ground for unnecessary clutter, it's time to consider how you could put it to better use.

Revamped home

Situated in a park-like setting, this average home is revamped to take advantage of the surrounding trees, and also to incorporate more sustainable elements.

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Revive your home decor

If your home is starting to feel a little blah, we offer some budget updates to revive your home decor.

Warm a home with AGA

Winter is not far down the road, so it's time to think about the timeless appeal of a cast-iron fireplace.

Where to put the TV

Deciding where to mount a flat screen TV can be a tricky issue. You need the perfect viewing angle and to assess its impact on decoration.

Divide and conquer open plan

Room dividers offer you a way to divide up open plan living spaces without spoiling your paint job!

Designer Shutters

Designer Shutters from Finishing Touches are made-to-measure and easy to fit and add privacy and value to a home.

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Contemporary carpet tiles

For the discerning homeowner looking for flooring options, Monn has introduced a new range of contemporary carpet tiles.

Living a simple life

Sometimes it's the simple things that are beautiful. Attention to detail and careful restraint when decorating can produce stunning room settings.

Uses for corrugated and galvanised sheet metal

Corrugated and sheet metal is one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry. Reasonably inexpensive and easy to work with, we put together some unique uses for corrugated sheet in the home.

A vacation at home

If you are staying at home for the holidays, spoil yourself with a home vacation.  A staycation is all about spoiling yourself... in the comfort of your own home!

Tips for buying a new sofa

When buying a new sofa, you want to make sure to buy one that is not only comfortable, but will also be able to withstand the knocks and bumps of daily living.

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Sophisticated in white

White has always been the 'go to' colour for many home decorators. But white can be just as sophisticated as any colour.

Eco friendly interior design

Give your home an eco-friendly makeover with design that will ensure a healthy and refreshed home.

Maximise space in a small home

When living in a small home it can be daunting to know how to make the most of what you have. There are plenty of designer tricks you can use to maximise small space living.

Urban loft living

With the continuing move towards rejuvenating inner city living, we take a look at an urban loft renovation by Dwelling Designs that highlights how commercial or industrial properties can be transformed into beautiful living spaces.

Inspired Spring decor

To celebrate the beginning of Spring I thought it might be nice to put together a collection of spring-inspired decor ideas to spruce up a home.

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A home to love

A young couple turned a dowdy old house into a wonderful modern home with clever planning, creative ideas and on a small budget.

Space-saving ideas for any home

Avoid having too much clutter in a home with these easy solutions for keeping stuff organised.

Stuck for decorating ideas?

If you are having a hard time deciding how to go about improving your home, or stuck for decorating ideas, we borrowed some inspiration that will help inspire you.

Quick Project: Door corner shelf

Turn a worn-out door into a unique feature for your living room. In just seven easy steps, courtesy of Builders, you can transform any old, solid door and give it a second life.

Comfortable woven furniture

Who would have thought that furniture could be designed with knitted textures and woven designs. Patricia Urquiola's Mangas range mimics the look and feel of your favourite sweater.

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Don't let small cramp your style

Decorating a small living space shouldn't cramp your style. See how Design Manifest turned a small living space into a big impact home.


Paint a plain rug

Here's an easy way to add a new look to a plain, inexpensive low-pile, coir, sisal or jute rug. All you need is some paint and masking tape!

New Fiesta range of fabrics

Summer might be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean you can't carry on the fun! The new Hertex range of fabrics will definitely add texture, pattern and colour to any home - summer or winter.

Natural flooring options

We all love the smell of new carpet, but how many realise that the odour is actually chock full of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to our health. We take a look at natural flooring options.

Layer up against the cold

The chilly mornings and evenings are a precursor for a cold winter ahead, and it's never too early to start planning for ways to warm up a home.

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Modern design meets rustic elements

With the continuing trend for using reclaimed materials for furniture and accessories a new decorating style has emerged known as Modern Rustic. Here are some tips on pairing modern design with homemade rustic furniture.

Sleeper couch perfect for guests

My air mattress has finally given up and has been patched up so many times I have decided to look at a sleeper couch instead. That way, not only can I bring a comfortable sofa into the spare room, but easily covert this to a bed when guests sleep over.

Make more use of a small balcony

For those living in townhouses and apartments where only a small balcony is available, here are some wonderful ideas to make use of the space.

The beauty of wood in a home

If you decide to incorporate timber elements and wood features in a home it is important that regular maintenance be performed to ensure that wood is protected from the elements, wear from traffic, or fungal or insect infestation.

Fabric room divider

In a small home or studio apartment there isn't always enough room for a solid room divider, but here's how to make a fabric room divider that can be hung from the ceiling.

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Ordinary doors become a feature

Pop into your local Builders Warehouse for some pine moulding and cut mirror panels and transform your interior doors into a stand out feature.

Guest bedrooms

If you are expecting guests for the holidays and your spare room is filled with junk, time to get creative with these ideas for a guest bedroom.

Expensive touches on a limited budget

The average South African homeowner is always on the lookout for budget ideas to decorate that dream home. With a few designer tricks you can easily afford stylish finishing touches.

Don't be afraid to introduce colour to a home

South Africans tend to be very cautious about introducing colour into the home. By nature we tend to gravitate towards more traditional styles, but perhaps it's time to step outside your comfort zone and dare to be different.

Give your walls a new look

There are plenty of ideas for giving walls a new look with bold and vibrant designs for feature walls. Here are some innovative wall ideas with 'wow' factor.

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Decorating with muted or neutral hues

I came across Urban Grace Interiors while researching for decorating with muted or monochromatic hues, since not everyone wants a home splashed with bold colours.

Decor and design is in the detail

Any home can be enhanced by adding architectural detailing with the installation of decorative mouldings. Dylan Miller from Swartland, offers some insight into how mouldings can add character and style to any space they grace.

Add colour, pattern and texture with fabrics

Every home needs to incorporate colour and pattern; whether it's introduced by fabrics, rugs, wallpaper or accessories. Fabrics are a wonderful way to add colour, pattern and texture to a home - for any season and decor style.

Easy and affordable remodelling ideas

There are plenty of easy and affordable ways to add stylish touches here and there around the home to update or include modern details.

Chest of drawers becomes eye-catching piece

A secondhand chest of drawers is transformed using cut mirror panels and Rust-Oleum Universal Titanium Silver spray paint.

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Reclaimed style

We have seen how pallet furniture quickly became a global trend, and using reclaimed wood - pallets or otherwise - continues to be popular for those wanting to add a touch of rustic to modern homes.

Colourful home ideas for spring

Spring is just a month away and already the temperature is starting to warm up across the country. After a winter hibernation there is nothing more energizing than dusting off the cobwebs, letting in the sunshine and refreshing your home.

Easy tips to decorate living rooms

Your living room is one place that gets ultimate attention when it comes to design and décor for one sheer reason; the outlook of your home revolves around one crucial place, your living room. This is the place that offers your guests a taste of your lifestyle.

Mr Price Home launches Stockholm range

Just in time to refresh your home for spring, Mr Price Home has launched a range of Scandinavian inspired furniture. The Stockholm range from Mr Price Home offers clean lines and an urban contemporary look that is a stylish choice for the modern home.

Don't let small cramp your style

You only have to look in the property section of your local newspaper to know that the demand for townhouse living continues to increase. With this convenience lifestyle comes a hefty price tag - even for a modest-sized unit.

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Furnish your apartment for R5000 or less!

When you are starting out on your own, and unless your parents are extremely generous, you are going to need furniture for your new apartment or flat. Chances are you don't have a large budget, so here's how to get started without spending a fortune.

Black and white makes a comeback

Black and white is an iconic colour scheme in the style scene and the most classic of combinations. Use black and white to represent a modern, cool and assertive look.

Turn average furniture into stunning statement pieces

There are so many ways to use paint, fabric or wallpaper to turn average furniture into statement pieces with WOW factor!

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Stripes still trending in designer homes

Chevron may be yesterday's trend, but stripes continue to feature in designer homes, fabrics and decor accessories. 

Knock-off designer metallic mirror frame

Megan at 'the homes I have made' transformed her bedroom with painted furniture and new accessories. What I found striking in this room setting is the metallic silver mirror.

Add detail to an interior door

Plywood or MDF strips applied to interior doors add a new level of detail to plain hollow core doors.

Dress up a plain bookcase

Whether you make a simple bookcase or buy a ready-made, plain bookcase, there are plenty of design ideas to turn a bookcase into a show piece.

Make your fireplace a feature

If you have the luxury of a built-in or freestanding fireplace, it makes sense to turn this into an attractive focal point in a home.

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Wallpaper panels

Wallpaper can be expensive, especially imported and designer brands. But here's how you can use wallpaper in small quantities to fill framed panels.

Decorative ceiling ideas

Decorating a ceiling has become just as much a part of interior design as decorating walls, whether it is installing a seamless plastered ceiling, or a more decorative technique.

Cover up popcorn or textured ceiling

I know that there are many homes, mine included, that have popcorn ceilings. Double-storey or homes with a concrete slab loft are often finished off with a popcorn plaster. Here's how to cover up a popcorn or textured ceiling.


Enjoy entertainment at home with a home theater

Ongoing advances in technology have transformed the home entertainment industry. Demand is once again growing for a space that provides the best possible home entertainment experience.


Attic or loft conversion

Hard to believe that this spacious living space was just an attic space. The attic conversion added to an average 4-bedroom home and garage.

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Make a tree stump table

Tree stump tables are still making appearances in many homes as coffee table and side tables. There's a good reason for this... they are free!


Graphic wall art for entrance

Use printed or plain wallpaper and pine moulding or extruded polystyrene cornice to create a dramatic feature wall in a boring entrance.


Cheat's diamond-tufted ottoman

After this weekend I had spare pieces leftover from the DIY Divas ottoman workshop and decided to show you an easy way to get the look of diamond-tufted upholstered pieces... with a small cheat!


Designer rugs for kid's rooms

An exclusive Victor Lidchi range of designer rugs, handmade pure wood rugs with embossed designs, that are manufactured specifically for children of all ages up to 12 years old.


Add glass panel to door

I have done quite a few projects that look at how to dress up a plain hollow core door. I'm going to show you another way to dress up a standard hollow core door by cutting and fitting a frosted glass panel into the door.

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Add decorative trim to hollow-core door

In this DIY project we’ll show you how easy it is to transform plain hollow-core doors into a feature using inexpensive pine moulding.


Easy barn style sliding door

Turn a plain hollow core door into a trendy barn-style door using pine and MDF strips and some Pattex No More Nails adhesive.


Give a home a cosmetic facelift

There are plenty of easy and affordable ways to give your home a cosmetic facelift. Much as you use make-up to doll up before leaving the house, you can do the same for your home using a few cost-effective design tricks.


Use metallic foil to add a touch of glam to furniture

Metallic foil wrapping papers offer a simple and affordable way to add the lustrous look of metal to any paintable surface. Metallic foil offers a great way to update any piece, whether you want to cover the entire surface or just accent a few select portions.

Family home filled with colour

After living with a floor plan that just didn't work for this family, the walls between the tiny kitchen, dining room and sunroom were knocked down to create a large open plan space that is filled with colour and light.

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How to style a coffee table

I receive a lot of enquiries asking for advice on styling a coffee table and bookshelf and thought it might be nice to put together a collection of images for different ways to style a coffee table.

Buying a lounge suite... what are you paying for?

When researching articles for Home-Dzine I often have to pop on to local Home Decor sites. In this way I have a fair understanding of what is offered by furniture stores, and the huge difference in pricing between the various home decor stores.

What you need to know about Persian carpets

Lending splendour to art museums around the globe and gracing the floors of  fine hotels from Cape to Cairo, and homes of grandeur from Buckingham Palace to the White House, Persian carpets impart an aura of dignity and luxury wherever they are placed.

Coastal style with a dash of elegance

I have fallen in love with Lynn Morgan Design, who create the most striking home interiors that are elegant and timeless, modern and sophisticated - all rolled into gorgeous room settings that are a clean and fresh with a touch of whimsy. 

Decorate for spring

While decorating a home for spring may not be on the cards as an annual task, every home needs freshening up and the arrival of spring is just as good an excuse as any.

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DIY decorative 3-panel privacy screen

Our decorative Shabby-Chic style privacy screen is an easy project that uses  6mm and 9mm supawood.

Reclaimed wood fireplace surround

I'm sure there are many homeowners out there who will appreciate this feature showing ideas on how to clad a fireplace with reclaimed wood. There are more than a few dated and old fashioned fireplaces that could do with covering up, and why not make use of reclaimed wood.

Add pops of colour with accessories

It's easy to add colour to any room in the home using decor accessories. Shop around your favourite home decor stores and you will find decor accessories in bold, bright colours and patterns that make it easy to add a quick and easy dose of colour to liven up a room. 

DIY ideas for making a console table

If you entry or hall lacks style perhaps you should think about adding a console table. A simple console table topped off with a few favourite accessories and you can add your own personal touch to the space.

Cheat your way to a refreshed home

Whether you read home decor magazines, watch home improvement TV shows, or browse the Internet for design ideas, you will have seen before and after's that show how to transform a plain room into a spectacular space on a limited budget and in no time at all.

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Decor ideas to steal

Decorating a home isn't easy if you don't have an innate talent for bringing together different elements. Some people find it much easier to put together a collection of images - a mood board - of things they like and then use these as a guide in decorating a room.

Create a cosy living room

Creating a cosy home isn't necessarily about turning up the heat but more about how you dress a home during the colder months so that it looks and feels warmer.

Mix together modern and traditional styles

These days, when it comes to decor and style for a home, it seems that anything goes. Where eclectic was previously not considered as mainstream now, top international designers are combining old and new.

Making a small apartment, flat or townhouse larger

When you are living in a small apartment, flat, townhouse or house, finding extra space can be challenging. But there are quite a few ways of adding on extra space without spending too much money.

Ideas using reclaimed or salvaged window frames

We have looked at ways to re-purpose a reclaimed door, or how to re-purpose old drawers, so how about even more ideas for repurposing a window frame.

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Modern solutions for dividing open space living areas

Open plan living spaces might be a way to create a home that feels spacious, but it does have its disadvantages when it comes to creating a certain amount of privacy in living zones.


Winter home window treatments

When it comes to keep out winter chills, something as simple as adding a window treatment can make all the difference. Adding blinds, curtain panels or drapes goes a long way towards helping keep a home warm during winter.


Dress up a plain interior door

Here's a quick and easy DIY option to dress up a plain interior door. Use pine moulding or trim to add a framed fabric panel to doors.


Decor accessories make a home

Remove all the personal items from a home and you're left with a room that is sterile and unlived in. It's the little things that make a house a home, and decor accessories, soft furnishings and personal touches are what make a big difference.


Adding a rope bannister to staircase

Nancy, our resident DIY Divas, is busy doing improvements. One improvement is to knock down the wall at the side of the staircase and after looking at various alternatives I stumbled upon a rope bannister as an affordable way to finish off a staircase...

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Add an element of warmth and texture to a home

We have seen quite a bit of metallics used in home decor and this trend doesn't seem to be fading, as gold, silver and copper continues to show up on catwalks, and makes a feature in homes when used a wall tiles, textiles and decor accessories.

A warm welcome to your home

After curb appeal, the next best way to create a welcoming atmosphere in any home is at the entrance.

How to paint upholstered furniture

I know that there are many readers who will find this project interesting. Having previously posted on painting upholstered furniture, and receiving lots of enquiries on this topic, I thought it might be nice to share another painted upholstery project with you.

Home decor without the hassle

The Internet and online buying has brought about a change in the way we design our home interiors.


White with a splash of colour

If you are living in a rental home this article will definitely interest you since we look at decorating with white and adding a splash of colour with accessories, art and soft furnishings.

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Decorate a home to suit your personality

If you feel that your house doesn't quite feel like home, or reflects a style that isn't comfortable that fits in with your lifestyle, perhaps you need to look at adding more personality to your living spaces.

Ikea inspired designs  - It's all about colour!

The Ikea catalogue for 2014 might offer products that sadly aren't available to us here in South Africa, but that's no reason not to take ideas and inspiration.

Paint a ceiling with metallic paint

Add unexpected drama and elegance to a plain dining room with a metallic ceiling trimmed with pine or supawood moulding.

Complete Improvement

By complete improvement, we refer to when a design leaves no gaps and feels like every element that makes up a room design is utilised to its maximum potential.

Living Room Design

Top Do's and Don'ts when Designing Your Living Room.

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Creating Bicycle-Themed Home Decorations

Is there a way to functionally decorate a house in a way that looks snazzy but still honors the bike?

Choose The Right Furniture For Living Room

In this article, we discuss steps you can follow when buying furniture for your living room

5 Smart Ideas to Carve Up Your Open Plan Floor

We look at some creative ways to partition your open plan space into various areas.

A Guide to Make Your Living Room or Patio More Interesting

Good furniture is what makes the space sparkle and spring with charm and serenity.

5 Reasons to Get a Wood Stove

With all the modernizations and technological improvements of today’s time, wood burning stoves are a much better appliance than they once were.

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DIY Projects That Save Without Skimping Out on Style

Most apartments have rules on decorating but most apartments are also pretty lenient on your decor as long as you put everything back the way it was before you move out.

Decor Tips for Homes with High Ceilings

Decorating a home with high ceilings can be a challenge.

Space saving hacks

Here are some space-saving hacks that won't take too much effort.

Tips for How to Feel at Home in College

Here are some tips that can make you feel comfortable when you’re away from home.

5 Ways To Prep Your Home for the Summer

Making sure you prepare your house for pests and summer storms is the best way to ensure you spend your summer doing what you want to do, rather than trying to fix preventable problems.

Interior Home Makeover Ideas for the Summer-Fall Season

Fall provides the perfect opportunity to revamp your home interior and we've got fantastic home makeover ideas.

The ultimate guide to open-plan living

To find out more about the evolution of open-plan living and how it affects you, we offer the following guide.

4 Tips for Making Your Perfect Living Room

In this article  we’re going to be running through a few tips on how to make your living room perfect.

Interior Design Ideas For Your Log Cabin

Here are some ideas that will help you transform your log cabin into a private, cozy retreat.

Stylish Decorating Ideas To Brighten Your Home

There are so many things that you can do to make your living space from plain and boring into glam and fab.

4 Basic Ideas to Decorate Your Space

Find the most affordable and straightforward tips to make your home look its best.

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Senior Friendly

Here are 4 easy ways to make your home more senior friendly.

The Most Effective Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

Dark rooms can affect your mood and can make it hard to feel alert, to be creative or productive, and even to get to sleep but what can be done to brighten a dark room?

Simple Upgrades for Your Elderly Parent's Home

Below are some essential upgrades you need to ensure that your elderly parent's home is safe.

Top 3 Tips to Choosing the Best Furniture for Your Space

Follow these easy tips to choosing beautiful customized furniture you will love!


6 Creative Center Table Styles Perfect for Any Home Interior

Table designs that could complement any home interior while taking into consideration the trending styles.


How To Refresh Your Home Interiors On A Budget

Take a look at six ways the most frugal homeowners get the most bang for their buck when it comes to their home interiors.


Interior Design Choices For Your Home This Winter

The best way to make your home comfortable during the winter months is to shake up your interior design.

7 fun ways to add colour to a room without painting it

There are plenty of ways of injecting colour into a room - without having to use a paintbrush!

Small Space Decorating Mistakes

Here are some of the most common small space decorating mistakes and how to fix them.

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