Decorate a Living or Family Room around a TV

A TV stand should be more than just to accommodate a TV and there are plenty of stylish ways to boost functionality without sacrificing style.






Now that the TV has become such an integral element in so many homes, finding the right place to position the TV means finding the perfect TV stand or media unit - one that not only displays the TV to the best advantage but one that also lends itself to the style of the room and becomes a feature front and centre.




No longer hidden out of sight or behind cabinet doors, today's smart TVs are becoming the hub of the home. You can Netflix and chill, keep the kids occupied with cartoons and movies, check out your social sites, or even catch up on emails and communications. The introduction of the smart TV provides entertainment for the entire family, and it is why the TV now takes centre stage in a living room or family room.





Decorating the wall behind the TV in a dark colour overcomes the blank black screen at the front of the room and, while the TV is still a feature, it appears less so.





Don't have just a large black rectangle as the front of the room when there are plenty of ways to showcase your smart TV. Below are a few examples of how to best display a TV that is a family entertainment centre.





Mounting the TV inside an existing wall unit or building a wall unit to accommodate the TV, lets you customise the unit for all the many components that are used in conjunction with the TV.









1 | Best Viewing Position

We have previously written an article on the role of the TV in a home and how to set up the TV for the best viewing from any angle in a room, click on this link for the article on the role of the TV in the home has changed for many. Before you start searching for ideas on a TV stand or media unit, knowing where you want to place the TV will assist in determining the size of the unit, after which you can then look at the various styles to be found online or in-store.





The TV does not have to be front and centre to be enjoyed or to be the focal point in a room. If it does not interfere with the viewing position, it can be placed anywhere.





2 | On Top or Wall Mount

The next decision you will want to make is whether you want to mount the TV onto a wall or position it on top of a TV stand or media unit. If you plan on mounting a smart TV on a wall, there are two additional factors you need to keep in mind:


• Does it have a touch screen?

If the TV has a touch screen, you need to have easy access to the screen. When mounted on a wall, the TV stand or media unit should be narrow enough to allow interaction.



When mounting or placing a touch screen TV, make sure that you mount it in such a way that there is easy access to the screen.





• Where will the wires and cables go?

Another factor is to consider the cables. A smart TV can be linked to many other devices and, unless you are using Bluetooth technology, there are going to be wires and cables leading from the TV. Leaving these hanging looks unsightly, and you will want to incorporate a solution where the wires and cables will be hidden from view.



Installing a TV wall like the one shown below makes it easier to hide wires and cables so that they are out of sight. There are plenty of local options for materials that can be used to create a faux wall.





Proportion is everything when selecting a TV stand or media unit, particularly if the TV is to be a focal point or front and centre in a room.





3 | Size of the Stand or Unit

Knowing the size of the stand or unit you want for the space will prevent you from purchasing an item that is too big or too small. Neither will work to your advantage and you will only end up disappointed that you made the wrong choice. If you find it hard to visualise how a piece will look in the space, do a scale drawing or use a drawing program such as SketchUp to lay out a floor plan. This way, you will have a better idea of how much space a particular size will take up in the room and how it will look when in place.





The size of the TV will also affect the size of the stand or unit. The longer the TV, the longer the stand or unit. The TV screen and unit should be in proportion to look balanced.





BELOW: Looking lost and out of place, the TV screen overpowers the room, and this is made even more obvious by placing an irregular arrangement of art around the TV.





BELOW: This wood media unit is long enough that it doesn't overpower the space and the art mounted around the TV screen opens the surrounding area. This arrangement would look great even with a longer media unit.










4 | Aesthetics Matter

The design and style of a TV stand or media unit do matter. Placing a modern design in a traditional home will make it look out of place or vice-versa. If your decor style is transitional and you are thinking of re-decorating in a new style, keep this in mind when shopping for a stand or unit. The material of construction is also an important element. Why would you purchase a reclaimed wood TV unit when your decor is anything but? Yes, you want the TV stand or media unit to be an accent piece that will showcase the TV and that is why you need to ensure that the style complements the room.







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