Dress up a staircase with moulding

Here's an easy way to add interest to a bland staircase, using moulding and trim that you can buy at any Builders.


Over at decorchick, Emily transformed a plain staircase into a feature that immediately catches your eye when you enter the home.

The transformation was a simple one, with dramatic results, and one that anyone can achieve with just a few strips of moulding and trim and a can or two of paint! You will find a selection of pine moulding and trim at Builders Warehouse or timber merchants, and these can be easily cut to size using a mitre box and saw - or even easier if you have a mitre saw.



The process was fairly simple. Here's how:

1. The wall where the feature would be placed was painted in a semi-gloss white.

2. Double-sided tape was used to get the correct spacing and outline for the strips of moulding before gluing these in place with No More Nails adhesive.

3. Before painting, all the little gaps were filled in with a bit of wood filler and then sanded smooth.

4. The moulding was painted, with the wall getting a second coat of semi-gloss acrylic paint.