How to cope with One-Room Living

Whether you are going on your own for the first time or downgrading from a larger home, one-room living doesn't have to be a nightmare.



Setting up your first home-away-from-home doesn't have to be a nightmare of trying to fit all your hand-me-down furniture into a one-room apartment. With some careful consideration and clever planning you can have a comfortable home - whatever the size of the space.





Personality Rules!

No matter your decorating style, it always helps to work with a neutral canvas. Neutral colours are not loud but rather create the perfect blank canvas for all your furniture and accessories while still allowing the space to feel open and airy.

With white or muted neutral colours on the walls, you have the ability to add texture and pattern within the room and it will also let you add your dose of unique personality.


Always work from the floor up, and in this case the large rug adds comfort underfoot as well as pattern. I suppose you could say that the patterned rug defines a space for sitting and relaxation - a zone within the small space.

Save on space by buying or making vertical floor-to-ceiling shelf units to provide you with all the storage you're going to need. If you are not a tidy or organised person by nature, fit a door on the shelving units to hide what's inside out of sight.

A room without any accessories is just a room, while a room with personal touches here and there - is a home!



Trendy on a Small Scale!

Living small definitely doesn't mean that you have to give up on style. Even small one-room apartments can be decorated to fit in with your sense of design to decorate the area.

Shop around for practical pieces that are high and narrow and won't take up too much floor space. Once you have all the essential pieces in place, you can browse around for decor accessories that add to the space and fit in with your personality.


While your apartment or studio might be on the small size, you may still have guests visiting. A comfortable chair - or two, will provide seating so that guests don't have to sit on the bed. You also don't want to spend your time sitting on the bed, so be on the lookout for a comfortable chair that will easily fit in.

A comfortable place to sit gives you a space to sit back and relax!





Comfortable Living!

Moving from a large house to a single room, or starting afresh with nothing doesn't mean you can't have a comfortable living space, though you will have to ditch the oversized furniture or scale it down.

If you only have a limited budget to furnish your new apartment, you might want to consider shopping at secondhand stores on online auction sales to pick up pieces that only require some TLC or a coat of paint. It's amazing what you can find these days.

Open shelves need to be kept neat and organised!




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