Top Picks for a Corner Fireplace to Warm a Home over Winter

Anyone who is looking to install any type of fireplace to keep away the winter chill will appreciate the value of a fireplace tucked away in the corner of a room.






Adding a fireplace to a room is the perfect solution to warm up a home during the colder months of the year. But when you need to accommodate and allow the space required to install the fireplace, it doesn't always have to be in the centre of the room in fact, sometimes placing a fireplace in the corner provides the ideal place and one where it is easy to add an extra structure without altering the floor plan too much.







Another reason for considering the installation of a fireplace in the corner of a room is that you do not need an additional focal point and also do not want the fireplace to be the centre of attention. There is nothing wrong with this and placing a fireplace in the corner will still provide the same amount of heat throughout the room and at the same time use a previously underutilised space and leave the majority of open space untouched. 





In an open-concept family room with a limited amount of space, fitting a fireplace into the corner of the room provides warmth without intruding on the room. Plus, when decorated to complement the room design, it becomes an integral part of the space.





Making use of a corner

When most people consider where to put a fireplace, a feature wall or main wall in a room is normally the first location they think about. But taking up a corner for a fireplace installation makes a lot of sense. It is out of the way yet still an integral part of the room itself, plus, corners are generally unused spaces that can be unutilised to your benefit. Unless you plan to have the fireplace sit in front of an existing wall, building a wall in the corner will give you plenty of space to install the fireplace inside the wall without having to cut into the wall for the fireplace insert and associated pipework.






Making the cost more affordable

Not only will situating a fireplace in a corner be a practical solution if there is nowhere else to install it, but the installation will also be easier and less messy since you will not need to cut out any cavities in the wall for the fireplace insert and piping, since the corner will allow this to be hidden from sight either by building a brick wall around the installation, framing with wood panelling, or leaving it freestanding with the piping tucked out of the way in the corner of the room.







Installing a fireplace in the corner is the easier option but it doesn't have to be spanned from corner to corner. The addition of a wall still lets you install a fireplace to complement the style of a home without taking up too much space.





Positioning a corner fireplace

Today's modern fireplace designs are not just for mounting in front of the room and plenty of fireplace inserts deserve to be a feature in the room, even if not a focal point. Building a wall to accommodate a feature fireplace costs less if done in a corner of the room close to an exterior wall and you can design the wall to match the room decor of fireplace style. Use a corner fireplace to add warmth and charm to any room in the home, particularly where walls are already reserved for furniture, doors, and windows.





The layout of some rooms do not allow for the installation of a fireplace due to the placement of windows and/or doors. In this case, a corner fireplace provides the ideal solution





Nothing beats the charm of a crackling fire in a room. It becomes an architectural feature and a focal point, and it heats the home during autumn and winter. Once you make the decision to install a corner fireplace, sit down and discuss the best place for it to be installed and your reasons. Select a fireplace on your heat requirements as well as the type  of fireplace insert. Keep in mind that constant and on-going load shedding will affect an electric fireplace while gas and wood-burning will not.








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