A home ready for Spring

We've hibernated during the cold winter, but now it's time to dust off the cobwebs and update your home for the sunny months ahead.





Spring is the perfect time to add a splash of colour to the home, and cushions are an affordable way to do just that. Cushions wrapped in breezy printed or plain fabrics in colourful hues will give any home a fresh new look. For inspiration, take a look at the explosion of colour that is happening in the garden, with bulbs and spring blossoms showing off their beautiful hues.






Don't cover up windows when you can let in spring breezes and natural light with a variety of window treatments. If your windows are in desperate need of a new look, pop into Finishing Touches at Builders Warehouse and let them provide you with options for a window treatment that enhances the look and feel of any room. If you prefer windows with a minimalist look, consider installing blinds or shutters for privacy and light control.





Want to try something different as a window treatment? See the inspiration behind this basket-weave design.






Bedrooms can start to feel a little jaded and lifeless after the winter months and Spring is the perfect time to treat yourself to new bedding. Not only will new bedding bring a sense of freshness and vitality to a bedroom, you can also choose bed linens that introduce colour and pattern.






There are many other easy and inexpensive ways to bring the freshness of Spring - or summer - into a bedroom. If furniture is dark and oppressive, consider the option for painting with chalk paint. This method won't damage the wood and you can easily restore the furniture later on, if you wish, and the muted hues for chalk paint will lift the furniture and also make a bedroom feel more spacious than it is.



Introduce fun, colour and pattern with an upholstered ottoman at the end of the bed. This is not just a decorative piece, you can also use an upholstered storage ottoman as seating, for storing excess clothes, or for storage for blankets and bed linen or even cushions that are displayed on the bed.






With the abundance of greenery making an appearance in the garden, it's so easy to freshen up any room in a home with an arrangement of foliage, spring flowers, or a simple arrangement of freshly cut blossoms.






Shop at your local garden centre or nursery for plants that are ideal for your particular bathroom, taking into consideration the amount of natural light in the room. Some plants like plenty of natural light, while others can survive with limited sunlight. If you're unsure about the right plants to buy, ask for advice when selecting plants






If you don't have a green thumb or not a fan of houseplants, a simple glass jar or vase filled with fresh foliage from the garden will work wonders in a bathroom or kitchen. Browse your garden for interesting leaves that will add texture and interest to a windowsill or countertop.






Even small branches from trees and large shrubs make an interesting display. From philodendron to bamboo, it's so easy and low-maintenance to introduce the freshness of Spring without any fuss.






If you feel that rooms are starting to feel stale and boring, perhaps because they have looked the same for many years, rearranging furniture won't cost anything and it's a super easy way to update a room and have it feeling brand new.






Take all the furniture out of the room - and this is a good time to give it a good cleaning - before deciding on what to put back and where. You can also assess what's in the room and leave out pieces that can be used elsewhere, or given a makeover before being put back.






Spring is an explosion of colour outdoors, but there's no reason you can't do the same indoors. No matter whether your rooms are neutral or monochromatic, bringing a burst of colour indoors will revitalise the space and bring Spring indoors.






To add a touch of Spring to your home doesn't mean you have to paint walls, although that works as well. You can introduce a splash of Spring colour with a simple arrangement of flowers, a colourful poster or artwork, or by adding some colourful cushions or new rug, or even a few interesting decor accessories. Stand back and take a look at the room and see what's missing, and if it's colour - that's easy to fix!



Bring a dining room to life with a crisp tablecloth topped off with a display of freshly cut flowers.




We all look forward to the arrival of Spring - to be able to open our homes to fresh breezes. With that in mind, fill your home with natural light and cool breezes by stripping down excessive window treatments. We are lucky enough to have beautiful weather for most of the year, and you can take advantage of this by keeping window treatments as minimal as possible.



Spring is a time of renewal and we all want the freshness outdoors to be reflected in our interiors. But that doesn't mean you have to make drastic changes to your home. Sometimes it's only a few changes here and there that can make a big difference.