Ideas for Decorating a Hallway

Most homes have some kind of hallway, whether it's a long, narrow passage to bedrooms, or a short hallway leading to other rooms. We offer advice on dressing up a hallway.

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Most homes have some kind of hallway or passage that leads to other areas in the home. Your hallway could be long and narrow, or a short passage that leads from one area of the house to another. Too often, hallways are left as is as homeowners have no idea how to dress up this space, but decorating a hallway is just as important as decorating any other rooms in the home. We offer a few tips on adding style and personality to a hallway to give it the attention it deserves.

Highlight the Destination

If guests use a hallway to enter your home, that means that this is the first thing guests see when entering the door. If this is the case in your home, this space should definitely express your personality. Adding a few accessories that complement the look and style of your home will make a big impact in setting the stage. Guests will immediately have a sense of what's to come. - 376332112607164505/ - 232146555777752110/



In a long, narrow hallway, creating a destination point invites guests into your home. You don't have to go overboard to add a focal point; a single piece of accent furniture and a few carefully selected accessories will do the job. - 120752833738656719/

Brighten Up the Space

Hallways tend to be dark spaces due to the lack of natural light in these areas, but you can easily install lighting fixtures that not only add personality to a hallway, but also introduce plenty of light. - 841610249090240211/

Pendant fixtures, recessed lighting and accent lights go a long way towards creating an impression, but having lighting that complements the style of your home is a must. Most hallways are narrow and lack natural lighting and a well-lit hallway creates a welcoming space. - 63894888449879866/ - 716424253192741222/



Add Textural Interest

As with any room in a home, texture and pattern is just as important in a hallway. The flooring in a hallway will, more often than not, be carried through from the rest of the home, and will either be tiles, laminate flooring, or in some instances even carpet. Whatever flooring you have in a hallway, adding a runner will not only protect your flooring from foot traffic, it will also add textural interest and possibly even a splash of colour. - 175499716706631031/ - 64598575885125657/



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