3 Easy Ways to Add Colour to a Living Room

If you feel that your living room feels a bit sterile and lacks personality, here are 3 easy ways to add colour, texture and pattern.


Your living room is a space where you spend a lot of time and it's also a room where you welcome guests into your home. The most popular colour for decorating our homes, especially in a hot climate, is white. White is just one of those colours that looks fresh, clean, and most of all, cool and for this reason most homeowners tend to use a lot of white when decorating a home.

I personally love a white room, but it sometimes too sterile and cold, and not at all a welcoming atmosphere unless you're using this colour in combination with a cosy decor style like shabby chic or country style.

If you have a white living room and feel that it's lacking something, or if it feels a bit bland, we show you 3 easy ways to add colour and personality to the room, and these are methods that can be easily swapped or changed if you decide you want a new look further on down the line.



Add Colour to Walls

You don't have to paint walls in a colour to add a splash of colour to a white decorating scheme. It's so easy to bring in pops of colour using art, whether curated art, mounted posters, or your own works of art.

Wall art breaks up a white wall and creates an interesting feature that can be used to bring colour into an all-white room, as well as a touch of personality. It doesn't matter whether your decorating style is cottage or contemporary, you can select wall art that incorporates colours already in the room (if any), or take is cues from a rug or decor accessories, or be used at the main colour reference for bringing other accessories into the room.

Add Colour with Accessories

Adding colourful decor accessories to an all-white room definitely brings in pops of colour that immediately light up a living room. And the nice thing about using soft furnishings like cushions is that they can be changed or replaced with the seasons, or when you want to update the room.

 Using accessories to add colour definitely makes more sense than painting your walls every time you want to change the colour. Cushions are available in so many styles; you have the option to choose a specific colour, a design that you like, or buy your own fabric and make your own cushion covers.



Add Colour to Floors

When you have a living room that is tiled in neutral hues or light, laminate or hardwood flooring, an easy way to brighten up the room with colour is by introducing a rug. Rugs are an affordable way to add colour, texture or pattern to a plain room - or all three at the same time if you shop around for the perfect rug.

When hard surfaces are installed in a living room, a large floor rug can also bring in a layer of comfort, and warmth when the weather is colder.

Another advantage of having rugs in a room is that they help dampen sound, which so often occurs in rooms with hard surfaces and little or no upholstered furniture. Use rugs to soften a room filled with hard surfaces or furniture with straight lines or angles. 

If you decide the incorporate all 3 elements discussed above, tie them all together with a single colour, a style or a pattern, to give your living room a more balanced, finished look.


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