7 Ideas For Brightening Up Your Home

Take a look at the following top ideas to brighten up your home and transform it into a lovely haven.





A lovely home is more comfortable, spacious, and beautiful when it looks bright during the day. Allowing natural light inside your room can improve your mood, increase productivity for a work-from-home setting, and promote utmost comfort and relaxation.
A bright home is a happy home, so you might want to transform your interior's look and take it to the next level. This way, you get to inspire your family members to stay home, bond, and relax.


Check the following top ideas to brighten up your home and transform it into a lovely haven.


1. Invest In High-Quality Doors, Windows, And Skylights

House openings or entry points consist of doors, windows, and skylights. Each entryway offers numerous benefits, like controlling the amount of light entering your property. Well-designed entry points have the right size, shape, and shade so they can brighten up your home. Fortunately, professional installers can provide you with an estimate on the materials and labor, offering good deals to save you money.


Here are some great ideas when choosing the best doors, windows and skylights for your home:


  • Doors: Choose the perfect door style for your home by determining what room the door will be installed in, expected traffic, the best material, and your budget.

    Solid wood and steel doors have unmatched longevity and style. Glass doors provide illumination inside, and you can install a door curtain to control the light coming inside. Also, it’s important to decide which way the door will swing for appropriate hinges placement. As an alternative, you probably want to opt-in for a sliding door.
  • Windows: Windows provide natural light, great outside views, home insulation, privacy, and security. While windows block out wind drafts and ultraviolet rays, they also offer a good source of sunshine to brighten up your living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

    When choosing the best windows for your home, consider the window style, frame materials, glass package, and custom replacement.


  • Skylights: Vented skylights provide great aesthetic appeal, the physical and psychological benefits brought about by natural light, and fresh air entering into the home.

    Skylights have a wide array of sizes and types. Glass is highly recommended for skylights due to its elegant appearance, offering a clear view and it doesn't scratch.



2. Know Your Best Window Treatment Options

Choosing the best window treatment helps brighten your home because they’re able to control the amount of light that enters your interior. Window treatments come in different styles, including curtains, blinds, and shutters.


Check out these window treatment ideas to brighten up your lovely home:


  • Curtains: Thick heavy blackout curtains should be behind sheer curtains. For a brighter look, use white or light-colored heavy blackout curtains to keep the space airy and light. The natural light pours into the cheer during the day, creating a beautiful soft glow effect into your room when drawing the blackout curtains. With heavy blackout curtains, windows have an additional insulation layer to keep a room comfortable during the winter or summer.
  • Blinds: There are different types of blinds such as vertical blinds, roman blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds, and wooden blinds.

    If you prefer nature-inspired blinds that compliment sunlight's controlled glowing effect, wooden blinds and plantation shutters are highly recommended. Blinds naturally blend themselves into modern spaces. If you prefer a simple, fresh, clean, and bright room ambiance, you can’t go wrong with white blinds. Lighten up a moody, masculine room with some neutral-colored blinds.
  • Shutters: Proper shutters should be large enough to cover the entire window when shut. With shutters, you can fully control the amount of light entering your home, whether you want it full blast for a bright look or totally blackout for security and privacy. They come as customized or ready-made.

    Shutters are a permanent home addition, which also helps the home increase its value. For instance, plantation shutters are energy-efficient and durable, so potential home buyers are going to spend less money on energy bills.


3. Repaint The Walls

Adding a fresh coat of neutral or light-colored paint is one way to brighten up your home. Even if your room has a dark wall color, it can still look brighter. You can add a crisp, white, satin coat of paint to the crown molding and trim so you’ll be able to add a beautiful accent to your interior. This will soften the dark wall color and draw the eye’s attention to the molding.

Cooler paint colors can make the room feel lighter and more spacious, which is why it’s highly recommended to paint using pale shades of blue and grey for a superior lightening effect. You can also create warmth by using yellow or light terracotta for a sunny hue, brightening and warming any dark, dingy space.



4. Install Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, which is perfect in making space look bigger and brightening up a room. Let the light in by simply placing a mirror next to or opposite a window. In this way, the mirror will increase the amount of natural light entering the room. Even if the outside is gloomy, mirrors harness any daylight for a brighter space.


Take a look at the following mirror tips to make any space look brighter:


  • Install A Big Vanity Mirror: You can install a large vanity mirror in your bathroom to reflect light from your small bathroom window and scatter in your bathroom for a glowing effect. Choosing a full-size mirror in your walk-in closet is also a good idea.


  • Hang Mirrors: Hang decorative mirrors with chrome ornaments, crystals, or other embellishments in your living room, kitchen, family room, dining room, and patio to let light reflection brighten up these rooms.


  • Install Dining Room Mirror: Feng shui experts believe that the best room to install mirrors is in the dining room as it’ll represent the homeowner’s capacity to hold wealth. Thus, attract wealth and good health by installing a large-size mirror in your dining room divider.


5. Light Your Home The Right Way

Lighting your home right is a great way to brighten up your interior space. Artificial lights come in varying types and benefits. Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are cooler than burning-hot incandescent bulbs, allowing you to manage the heat a lot better. LEDs run cooler than compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs, too.

Maximize the full brightness of LED bulbs when you turn them on. Also, insects aren’t attracted to LEDs because they don’t give off UV light. On the other hand, CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) replace incandescent light bulbs with light fixtures, like lampshades, because they’re more energy-efficient.


Here are some lighting ideas to brighten up your home:


  • Install Accent Lighting: Accent lighting intended to highlight a particular object, such as an art, wall-hung portrait photo, or other artifacts. The most common types of accent lights are floodlights, wall sconces, track lighting, recessed lights, and torchère lamps. Brighter light from accent lamps creates visual interest in your interior.

  • Install Fairy Lights: When it comes to light fixtures, you can brighten up your home by installing fairy lights on your patio. Hanging fairy lights add a touch of light without overdoing room luminosity. Other ambient lights, such as orb lights, add a therapeutic feel and tremendous charm.

  • Install Chandeliers: Chandeliers are commonly hung in the ceiling. They’re used in the living room and dining room, creating a statement in any room. This lighting fixture features multiple lamps in multiple tiers and can be used for ambient lighting.



6. Use Large Bright Area Carpet

Brighten up the room by treating bare floors to a lightly-colored carpet, adding some softness, glow, and texture to your floors. Large bright area rugs are applicable for dark floorboards. Choose white or ivory, yellow, or a warm hue combination of light colors, expanding visual space with a large-sized carpet.


7. Keep Your Home Clean And Organized

As you probably can imagine, a messy, cluttered, and dirty home feels dull, dingy, and yucky. So, if you want to keep your home beautiful, comfortable, and bright, keep it clean and organized. Declutter every room and avoid leaving unwashed utensils behind because they’ll attract pests.


Check these cleanup tips to make your home looking great and bright:


  • Invest in easy-to-clean furniture, such as a leather sofa.

  • Do light cleaning every day to avoid facing a major cleaning task at the end of the week.

  • To avoid confusion, create a cleaning checklist and schedule.

  • Place storage boxes on areas where items easily pile up or clutter, like your children’s playroom.

  • Tackle and scrub stubborn stains on the floor or furniture surfaces using the right cleaning tools.



Brighten up your home by installing the right type and size of doors, windows, and skylights. Use light-colored curtains–layer sheer curtain with blackout curtain in a room. Choosing the best window treatments such as sheer curtains and light-colored heavy blackout curtains for your home can make your home more comfortable, fresh, and bright looking. You can also brighten up your interior by installing mirrors and the right light fixture. Use a large bright carpet and keep your home clean and organized always.

By applying these tips, you’ll have a totally bright and happy home.




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