Colourful home ideas for spring

If you are getting bored with muted hues or don't love your home as much as you should, why not think about injecting some colour for spring!


Spring is just a month away and already the temperature is starting to warm up across the country. After a winter hibernation there is nothing more energizing than dusting off the cobwebs, letting in the sunshine and refreshing your home.

Cane, rattan and wicker furniture lends itself to colourful upholstered cushions. If you own a sewing machine it's easy enough to buy colourful plain or patterned fabric and learn how to make cushion covers. There are hundreds or 'how to' tutorials on the Internet or YouTube. Then all you need is to buy medium-density foam already cut to size at or your nearest outlet.

If you need to refresh dated accessories or tart up a few pieces to put on show, Rust-Oleum have a fantastic range of spray paints in satin and gloss that can instantly add pastel or bold colours to almost any material. All you need to do is make sure items are clean and dry before spraying on your favourite hue.


Ghost furniture (acrylic or Perspex) is available in transparent hues - if you can't afford to buy new be on the lookout for online sales and pick up pieces at a fraction of the cost. Sites like, and are wonderful places to shop for bargains.

Colourful glass also adds vibrant colour to an eclectic kitchen. Vintage bottles can still be found, but otherwise use glass paints to make your own colourful glass, or fill clean glass bottles with colourful liquids.



Fabrics and textiles are another great way to introduce colour into a dull living room. Most fabric stores have a bargain bin where you can pick up offcuts on the cheap, or ask for monthly specials.

You will be surprised at how much you can save by making your own removable cushion covers. Recycle old cushions by placing two old inners in one new one for ultra-padded cushions that will look plump and fresh with their new covers.

If you love mixing it up, mismatched dining chairs create a fun setting when sprayed in different colours. Feel free to experiment with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint and apply your favourite colours, or look at what's trending to update your dining area.



Art, bought or made, is another simple way to introduce some colour into a room and add new life. If you don't consider yourself very artistic, use masking tape and paint to mask off areas and do colour blocking on a feature wall.

Colour livens up any room in a home and there are so many ways that you can inject colour - be it with paint, fabrics or accessories - the choice in yours! You can select the easiest and most affordable way to refresh your home for spring.