Decorating with muted or neutral hues

I came across Urban Grace Interiors while researching for decorating with muted or monochromatic hues, since not everyone wants a home splashed with bold colours. Their interior designs are simple yet dramatic and show that you don't always need bright colours to make a house feel like a home.

There are those that prefer more subtle hues for a home, colours that are easy on the eye, and is clean and fresh, no matter what the decorating style. These interiors, designed by Urban Grace, are both modern and classical, bringing together just the right mix of old and new that is forever timeless.

It's all about attention to detail, no matter how small; from the lighting to flooring, these interiors might be muted or monochromatic but each reflects the client's personality. Decor styles vary from timeless traditional to interiors that reflect a mix of modern with a touch of cottage detail.




Muted tones and neutrals don't have to be bland. You can have paint colours mixed at your local Prominent Paint store that are tinted with any colour to create a new hue. Whether you select hues from a colour swatch card or tone down vibrant colours to create muted tones, you can create a variety of looks by using different shades and intensities of neutral colours.



Lighten dark floors with plain or patterned rugs in muted colours that will also allow you to switch out decor for the changing seasons, or for a new look. Introduce patterns with fabrics that will tie all the colours in the room together.















Choose muted hues and neutral colours you love. Balance the look by combining cool neutral colours (hues with a touch of blue) with warm ones (hues with a touch of red). Introduce different patterns and you will be well on your way to a beautiful muted room that is both elegant and eye-catching.





Decorating a bedroom with muted colours creates a serene and calm setting, especially in a bedroom where you don't want colour to overpower the senses.