5 Reasons to Get a Wood Stove

With all the modernizations and technological improvements of today’s time, wood burning stoves are a much better appliance than they once were.


Ovens and stoves are a necessary appliance in any home. We need them for cooking all sorts of foods, and, in some cases, warmth for the home. With all the modernizations and technological improvements of today’s time, wood burning stoves are a much better appliance than they once were: safer and more efficient. In fact, the most efficient stove heating is often achieved by wood burning stoves.

Wood stoves are often quite charming, in the right house and with the right set up and care. It gives off a much more comforting, homey feel than modern gas or electric stoves and ovens. They come in a number of styles, finishes, and sizes, perfect for any home. Why, though, is a wood stove exactly what you need? Here is a short, by no means exhaustive list of the benefits of a great wood burning stove.

1. They Are Eco-Friendly

Gas and electric stoves consume a great deal of energy, often provided by non-renewable resources like oil and coal. The carbon footprint left by these stoves can end up being massive, but wood burning stoves utilize wood, a renewable resource. Their carbon footprint is nearly non-existent, and when used correctly, they produce very little smoke if the wood is dried properly before burning.

Power companies do not utilize green energy, but wood burning stoves do. These are a choice you can make in good conscience, knowing that the carbon footprint left by these stoves is no more than a campfire in the forest.



2. They Can Cut Energy Bills

Heating is often a source of major financial stress in the cold months, especially up north. However, with a wood burning stove, you can potentially cut those energy bills down to a manageable size. The central heating system in most homes is exponentially expensive, but your wood burning stove will cost less.

Due to the modern designs of today’s wood stoves, they are surprisingly efficient heaters. In fact, they can produce a great deal more heat than the average fireplace, which are really more for ambiance than reliable heating. If you turn down your home’s central heating system, a wood stove can easily provide heat for one or two rooms of the house and keep you warm without wasting precious energy. With this method, it is possible to reduce your energy bills by anywhere from 20% to 40%.

3. They Are In Fashion

Wood burning stoves are very trendy now. Just like with clothing and jewelry, trends in design come and go, but the wood burning stove has always endured. With more options available than ever, it does not seem like this stove style is going anywhere. With so many different styles, they can fit the aesthetic of any home.

4. They Have a Cooking Surface That Can Always Be Used

Ever suffered a power outage and been left eating cold beans out of a can? With a wood burning stove, a power outage will not be an issue when it comes to cooking. Since they do not depend on your home’s energy provider, but rather use burning wood for its heat source, you can use it to cook at any time in nearly any condition. It is truly a handy appliance to have, so you always know you can eat warm food.

5. They Have Great Accessories

There are a ton of different add-ons you can purchase to use your wood burning stove to its fullest potential. One is a magnetic thermometer, which can be mounted on the surface of the stove, and it can tell you how to make sure your stove is performing its best – if you need to add fuel or adjust the air intake settings, it will tell you. You can even get warming shelves to put over the stove, which can warm clothes and mittens in the cool months.


Wood burning stoves have all the functionality of a normal electric stove, but with much more charm and versatility. Consider replacing your old stove with one of these, and you surely will not regret it!



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