Interior Designs That Will Boost Your Home's Value

To help you determine how to best spend on interior improvements, check out these interior design ideas that will boost the value of your home


Interior design is all about balancing savings and a few splurges. The "splurge" pieces elevate the inspired look, while "save" pieces help execute the entire design, all within the homeowner's budget. However, the cost of renovating a home was R7,323 per square metre, making it 17% higher than it was in 2017. Statistics further reveal that first-time homebuyers prefer buying older homes in good neighbourhoods and slowly design them to their ideal taste. To help you determine how to best spend on your investment, check out these interior design ideas that will boost your home's value.

Installing a Fireplace

The National Center for Real Estate Research shows that fireplaces can increase the value of a home up to 12% depending on the location. Before shopping for fireplaces, create a list of what you want and expect from the purchased product. Consider some things before buying a fireplace to ensure your preferred choice will serve its purpose for many years. This step is critical if you are looking for ways to save money on valuable items. Think about the levels of heat that the fireplace will produce and the entire furnace measurements that will fit your home. Is your ideal fireplace made of brick-wood, a closed combustion wood stove? Should it be gas-fuelled or fuel-less gas fire? Whatever your preferences may be, always make sure you are familiar with how the fireplace functions.

Splurge on Kitchen Space

How much you'll splurge will depend on your main hobbies. For many homeowners, this may include cooking in the kitchen. However, the cost of remodelling a home kitchen ranges between R10, 000 to over R250, 000, depending on the size. While you can opt to do-it-yourself to reduce side expenses, it is worth hiring a pro contractor to handle the task. If you're installing or replacing countertops, invest in a quality material that will last for decades to come. When upgrading your kitchen, focus on the amount of storage space for cabinets and countertops, update the backsplash, and brighten the space with complementary lighting fixtures.

Converting your Attic into Trendy Spaces

Loft conversions can create extra living spaces and add to the value of your home. With the increasing cost of energy, an insulated loft will save your budget on monthly energy bills. It will keep your home warm and cool throughout the changing seasons. Converting an attic into a habitable space is affordable as all the materials required are readily available for homeowners. All you need to do is invest in electrical wiring and plumbing to make it an ideal place for peace and relaxation.
Whether you intend to list your home for sale or not, remodelling is an excellent way of adding value. Additions and alterations will give your home a new look that will attract buyers. If you are not selling, upgrading will enhance comfort and safety. However, to enjoy the benefits of renovating a home, you must invest in designs and products that will last years and return a high percentage of the initial investment.



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