Fashionable Fireplace Ideas From Cemcrete

A built-in fireplace is still one of the most popular and practical ways to heat a home and Cemcrete finishes give any fireplace a fashionable look whatever the style of the home.






The cold weather is already upon us and it won't be long before the winter chill sets in and we yearn for our lovely summer weather. Hibernating at home is how we usually pass the time in winter and having a built-in fireplace installed is a luxury that every home should have.









Heating a Home the Traditional Way

Fireplaces have been the mainstay for heating homes for hundreds and years and still today they are a popular and economical way to heat the whole house if you opt for gas, pellet or a wood-burning fireplace. And the leading design for a fireplace that complements a modern or contemporary home is one that incorporates cement and stone. Here are a few fireplace ideas from Cemcrete that you can replicate in your own home.





Do-It-Yourself Fireplace Design

When it comes to building a fireplace, concrete is one of the best materials to use for the job. Doing it yourself using concrete allows you flexibility with the design and a choice of options for the finishing. Building a fireplace using concrete also makes it an affordable project that you can tackle over a few weekends. To make building a fireplace easier and more affordable use fibre cement boards that you can purchase in a variety of sizes at your local Builders store.


Fibre cement boards are a combination of cement and sand mixed with cellulose fibre and this gives the boards strength. Due to their lightweight design, these boards are perfect for the DIY enthusiast or anyone who wants to build their own fireplace without the messy process that normally accompanies projects using cement.







An open fireplace design that sits between two areas in a home is a great solution if you want to warm both sections.





Finishing Options for a Fireplace

Cemcrete offers a wide selection of cement-based finishes that further enhance the fireplace design and that can also be matched to the existing decor of a home. In line with modern trends, neutral or earthy colours bring warmth and character in a way that is lasting and timeless in its appeal. Simply pop onto the website to check out the various products and view the gallery for inspiration.





Follow the instructions in the video below on how to build a concrete fireplace using fibre cement board and then get in touch with for the perfect finishing for your new fireplace.









More Concrete Fireplace Designs





Using fibre cement boards as the framework for your built-in fireplace allows you to choose from a huge selection of ideas that you will find online. Today's modern fireplace designs incorporate clean lines and you can custom fit a fireplace into almost any space in the home. Once the fibre cement board forms the shape, you can leave raw as is or apply your choice of finishing.





What is great about fibre cement board or concrete is that it is easy to apply this over existing brickwork to cover up an eyesore and turn it into a great feature and both fibre cement boards and cement are readily available at an affordable price plus, there are plenty of online resources you can go to if you need help.







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