A Cosy and Colourful Makeover for any Room

Autumn is upon us and if you have a room or two that needs a makeover to keep it warm, try one of these easy ways to make any room feel warm and cosy.


The autumn chill has already arrived, and while we may still have warm days ahead, there's definitely a chill in the air that sends us indoors in search of a warm room to sit and relax. Older homes and those built before 2000 are prone to being cold in winter and hot in summer, and despite best efforts to insulate rooms, you may need to implement other measures to make a room cosy and warm yet add a bit of colour and interest at the same time.







Rooms in a home should be comfortable all year round, and while you can open windows in summer to cool down a hot room, in winter you need to look at other ways to warm up a room - ways that don't include switching on an electric heater. So what can you do to warm up a room?


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Put down a rug

My house has slate tiles throughout the lower level and the only way to make the rooms feel warm in winter is to add rugs and mats. Unless you have underfloor heating, tiles are notoriously cold underfoot when the temperature drops. Adding rugs will take the chill off your feet and also give a feeling of warmth just by being there. And investing in a couple of decent rugs will also work in your favour if your floors are looking a bit worn, or your existing carpets are a bit thin and you can't afford to have them replaced.

If you have a large space to fill, you can have two or three rugs and layer these over each other to create a patchwork effect.

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Add a warm splash of colour

Colour psychology has made leaps and bounds in the last few years, and many now know that colour can evoke a feeling of warmth when the right colour is selected. There are cool colours on the blue side of the colour wheel and warm colours on the red side. Choosing colours from the red side will instantly up the feeling of warmth in a room. That said, you don't need to have a large quantity of red in a room to add warmth, even a single painting or piece of accent furniture will do the trick.

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While the temperature in a room doesn't increase simply by adding a bold colour, it does make you feel warmer.

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In a room decorated in neutral hues, it is so easy to add warmth for the colder months with fabrics and textiles.

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Look for luxurious fabrics

Every couch needs a cushion or two - or even three or four or more! Cushions are great for introducing colour, texture and pattern into a room at an affordable price, and you can easily swap them around if you have fluffy or luxurious cushions that you prefer for the colder months of the year.

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Should your upholstered furniture be looking worse for wear, consider having it reupholstered or doing the reupholstery yourself. When times are tough but you still want a lovely home, shop for a large chenille throw or blanket that can be used to cover up the furniture.

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Keep out draughts

Having a layered window treatment is the ideal way to exclude draughts from windows. Since most of the heat in a room is lost via conventional windows, adding a double layer of fabric will help to keep any room warm. Plus, when summer rolls around again you can keep out damaging UV rays with adjustable blinds and keep the curtains open to frame the view.

Blinds come in a variety of types and styles, so you can choose the best design that fits in with your home decor.

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