Create a cosy living room

The past few days of icy-cold weather have had many pulling out blankets, tossing on woolens and staying indoors as much as possible. Creating a cosy home isn't necessarily about turning up the heat but more about how you dress a home during the colder months so that it looks and feels warmer.


While turning up the heat might be an easy solution to warming up a living room, it's also and expensive one, and a habit that we all need to break away from in light of our dwindling energy resources and a move towards reducing our individual carbon footprint.

I have two adult boys who show me how easy it is to forget that energy is expensive. During the winter months or a snap cold spell they immediately pull out the heater and switch on instant warmth, while walking around half-dressed! They didn't learn this from me, as I tend to pile on layers of clothing and walk around as if I live at the North Pole.

But both are extremes and this article is about achieving a happy medium between the two. It's more about creating a space that exudes warmth with decor and accessories, and being sensible about using various methods of heating up a room or space in the home.

Take your colour cues for winter decor from what's in the store. My inspiration for this feature came from the Mr Price Home winter collection, which incorporates deep jewel tones to add depth and warmth to a room setting, and shades of nature in her winter hues.

Texture is a easy way to create a level of warmth. Soft, snuggly cushions, a thick knitted throw and rugs immediate create a feeling of warmth. Wood and metallic accents in bronze, copper and gold also make one feel warmer. A thick throw that is large enough for one - or two - is a comfortable way to relax and stay cosy when you're relaxing at home.



If dark colours just aren't for you, there are colourful alternatives that add a level of  warmth to a room - just in a different way. We automatically associate the colour yellow to sunshine, and for this reason it's an ideal colour to introduce into a room that needs a ray or two of summer, and orange and red have the same effect psychologically. Mix these colours with shades of teal and green and you have a room that is bright and fresh but also feels comfortable and cosy.

@home puts on a lighter collection of winter decor accessories that also draws its inspiration from nature. Textured organics combine with the lustre of metallics to warm up a living room.

Don't pile on the heat; layer any room in a home with texture - in your choice of colours - and inject a level of cosy comfort that won't cost as much an will make your feel toasty and warm.