Colourful designer rugs for kid's rooms

Finding matching decor accessories for childrens bedrooms can be difficult, which is why I just had to share information on the range of Lidchi Kidz Rugs. An exclusive Victor Lidchi range of designer rugs, handmade pure wood rugs with embossed designs, that are manufactured specifically for children of all ages up to 12 years old.

Lidchi kidz rugs are manufactured using a technique known as tufting. These pure wool rugs come in a variety of designs and the plush pile offers a wonderfully soft and  safe place to play on. Colourful and cheerful, the rugs are available in 1.8 x 1.2m and patterns and sizes can be tailor-made to order; with the prices ranging between R2500.00 and R4000.00 and make a perfect gift for the kid who has it all.



All rugs should be vacuum cleaned regularly with a cleaner that does not have rotating brushes and any spills immediately blotted with a clean undyed cloth or paper towel. As and when required the rugs should be professionally cleaned to keep the pile luxuriously soft, Every Each rug has care and cleaning instructions on the back.

The exclusive range of hand-tufted pure wool Kidz rugs are eco-friendly, colourful, and come in a range of  delightful designs and patterns. Kids will love them.

The Victor Lichi web site carries a very informative section on how to care for Persian rugs and carpets.