Ideas for a Feature Wall Behind the TV

Flat screen TVs have taken over our homes and become an integral part of our lifestyle as we use them for entertainment, relaxation, and interaction, so why shouldn't you have a feature wall that lets the TV take Centre stage?






Who would have thought that just over a decade past that the humble television would become such an integral part of our lives. With the problems that lead to us living at home and not being able to go outside, we have become more accustomed to using technology to make our lives easier and our lifestyles more uplifting. With the advent of streaming services, we now have the ability to select what we want to watch instantly at the touch of a button - without leaving the comfort of our homes.



While many may disagree that the Smart TV shouldn't be a focus in our lives, there is no denying that the TV has become an important component of everyday living and for this reason many homeowners are making their TV a feature in the living room, family room, or den. Below are a few trendy, designer tips for creating a feature wall behind a TV to let your entertainment centre take centre stage.




Clad a wall with wood slats





One of the most popular trends right now is to use wood planks to clad a feature wall behind the TV. This method is not too expensive to do if you purchase everything you need at Builders, and it is a relatively simple DIY project that you can do yourself or have a handyman / carpenter to do it for you. Another advantage of this type of installation is that it hides cords and cables out of sight, as these can be placed between the slats for easy access.



PAR pine slats placed flat (below) or sideways (above) are secured onto a wall with a simple frame consisting of two planks fastened at the top and bottom of the wall and the slats fastened onto this.





Cladding walls with wood was a hot trend pre-2022 but this has since dried up. The main problem with this trend was the fact that shiplap walls - or walls clad with plywood - are not considered modern and not suited to every home. Cladding with wood slats has been popular for many years and continues to being a contemporary look to any home. It is important to consider the long-term impact of this type of project and installing a slat wall should increase and not decrease the value of a home.







Paint it black





Paint has the ability to transform almost everything in a home, from painting walls, ceilings, and trim, to giving furniture a makeover. Paint is an affordable solution for creating a feature wall behind a TV and what could give a room more impact than painting the wall black.



Plastered or brick, matt, satin, or gloss, it won't take long or cost too much to apply a couple of coats of paint onto the wall. If you need to disguise cords and cables, purchase PVC trunking at your nearest Builders store and give it a couple of coats of black spray-paint. Glue this onto the wall with contact adhesive and you can run cords and cables along this to keep them out of sight but still have access.









Clad with rock or faux brick





Rocking and faux rock cladding is a popular choice for the wall behind a TV or fireplace surround. This type of finish has an edgy-chic vibe that looks good in all styles of home decor. Select a stone colour that complements your overall decorating scheme.





Tile it to the top





Large format tiles bring drama to any room and installing them on a TV feature wall brings just as much impact as other options. Natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic tiles bring their own beauty into the setting and provide an easy maintenance solution to designing an attractive and show-stopping feature wall in the living room.



Combine timber slats and large-format tiles for a TV feature wall that is perfectly on trend for the modern home.








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