Modern design meets rustic elements

With the continuing trend for using reclaimed materials for furniture and accessories a new decorating style has emerged known as Modern Rustic. Here are some tips on pairing modern design with homemade rustic furniture.

While I mention that using reclaimed materials is a trend, it's probably more of a lifestyle than a trend, as more people realise that using reclaimed materials is not necessarily about slapping together a couple of wooden pallets to make a piece of rustic furniture.

Reclaimed materials covers a wider scope than this and can include re-purposing old furniture, giving dated furniture a new look, as well as being on the lookout for salvage timber than can be used in new ways. 

When using reclaimed materials for furniture, many associate this with a rustic home filled with crappy looking pieces slapped together with a few nails. If you are using reclaimed materials, including wood pallets, to make furniture it is in your best interests to take the time to make furniture that does not look like it was slapped together, but rather crafted with love and attention to detail.

I must admit to not being a big fan of wood pallets for making furniture. I would rather shop around for secondhand furniture that has the potential to be modernised with detailing, paint or a bit of modification, or to keep my eye out for salvaged materials such as Oregon Pine flooring, Teak beams, and even Saligna or other hardwoods from fencing and decks. For me, these are materials that are worth using. 

Think about how you can bring reclaimed materials into your decor scheme in ways that enhance the look. In a modern home, reclaimed materials should complement a space and add a new dimension. In some settings materials can be left in their raw state, or wood may need to be stained or painted. BELOW: A modern bathtub is clad in reclaimed wood planks painted white.



If you like the idea of reclaimed wood but are not really fond of the overly rustic look consider shopping for secondhand bargains. BELOW: A vintage cabinet is transformed into a bathroom vanity that brings a dash of eclectic glamour to a modern bathroom. 

ABOVE: Sometimes less it best. Rather than overwhelm a white kitchen with reclaimed wood accessories, look at how you can incorporate a few wood touches here and there. BELOW: Reclaimed wood planks are mounted on one side of a kitchen island to tie in with the rustic kitchen stools and bamboo blinds.

If you enjoy mixing it up... don't be afraid to combine modern and rustic in your own unique way. BELOW: A reclaimed wood table top mounted on a chrome steel base mirrors the mirror-finish pendant lamp above the table.