Give your home a cosmetic facelift

There are plenty of easy and affordable ways to give your home a cosmetic facelift. Much as you use make-up to doll up before leaving the house, you can do the same for your home using a few cost-effective design tricks.




While tackling home improvement projects might cost you a fortune, some fresh touches here and there can be done at a fraction of the cost and give your home a completely new - and fresh - look!


Living Room

If your living spaces are lacklustre and needing some TLC, paint always offers an affordable and easy way to brighten and update a room. Visit your local Builders and grab some Plascon colour swatches to take home.

You will find plenty of advice in our Decorating section for choosing colour and painting a home, but if you are scared to stray too far from your comfort zone, a neutral palette for walls and trim will give your home a refreshing makeover that will last for several years, or until you want a new look. Working with a neutral backdrop of walls and trim allows you more freedom to introduce colours with accessories like rugs, curtains, artwork and cushions.



Shop for a new look at your favourite home decor store. You will get plenty of summer inspiration at Mr Price Home. Swap out last year's colours with a beachy theme that incorporates light grey and blue cushions and rugs for cool summer looks.


Having your worn furniture re-upholstered, or replacing with new furniture, will do wonders for a home. Don't be scared to try and do your own upholstery projects. Over the years I have re-recovered and re-upholstered more than a few pieces of furniture, from dining chairs to lounge suites. The most difficult part of any re-upholstery project is taking the first step!







Nowadays the Internet provides access to almost unlimited resources for re-upholstering all kinds of furniture. Doing it yourself could save you thousands of rands. What is important, though, is to take your time and do a professional job. I have seen more than a few re-upholstery projects where the furniture ends up looking like a dog's breakfast.







Dining Room & Kitchen

When it comes to open plan dining rooms and kitchens, sometimes all that is needed is to declutter the space. Packing away clutter will free up countertops and make the room appear visually larger. It's amazing how clutter can make any room feel claustrophobic. Only keep essential items on your countertops.

As with living rooms, a coat or two of paint can do wonders for rooms that are starting to look grubby or dated. White and ivory is a classic and timeless look for kitchens. Use Plascon water-based velvaglo in light shades  to give dark cabinetry a modern finish. You will find tips and tricks for painting kitchen cabinets in our Kitchen section.







When you think that a can of Plascon Velvaglo will cost you around R500 and will paint the cabinets in an average-size kitchen, it won't cost that much to invigorate your kitchen. Complete the look with a few choice accessories, a bowl of fresh fruit, or a vase filled with fresh flowers. Don't you just love summer!


Bathroom & Bedroom

Summer is the time to layer the bed with fresh cotton bedsheets, throw open windows and allow the evening breeze to circulate through the room. While neutral colours are perfect for any room in a home, in the bedroom they are just the thing for creating a cool and serene space.


Try something new on the walls in our bedroom. You can achieve a linen or basketweave effect using two shades of Plascon Double Velvet to create an effect that looks like expensive wallpaper - without the fuss.


If you are struggling to find the perfect bed linen to finish off your bedroom, make your own fitted sheets, duvet covers and matching accessories. Even if you have never used a sewing machine before, fitted sheets are simple to make. A basic sewing machine costs around R600 and you will soon master the technique for simple stitches that will allow you to create your own accessories for every room.


Bedrooms are rooms where it's easy to have piles of clothes and general clutter lying around. Here on Home-Dzine we offer plenty of solution for adding or organising your storage.







If you are in the market for a new bed, consider a bed frame that offers built-in storage drawers under the bed, or make pullout storage drawers on casters. Making up simple boxes with wheels that fit under the bed provide tons of storage for clothes or bed linens and you can easily conceal the drawers with a fitted night frill.


And don't forget that all-important headboard to finish off the bed. Once again, making your own upholstered headboard is easy enough and you can select fabrics that coordinate with the colour scheme or fabrics used in the room. You will find upholstered headboard ideas and plenty of inspiration for easy headboards, or instructions for making your own upholstered headboard on Home-Dzine.


Before you start on giving your bathroom a makeover, clean from top to bottom, replace any peeling sealer around baths and basins, and restore grimy grout.

In a bathroom tiled from floor-to-ceiling something as simple as adding new accessories can instantly give any bathroom a cosmetic facelift. Replace tired towels with thick, fluffy bathsheets that add a luxury to your bathroom and your bathing experience. And don't toss out you old towels - use them to make mats or rugs.


If you have opted to go tile-less in the bathroom you have so many options for giving the room a new look.

Use Plascon Double Velvet in pale, muted tones for walls and turn your bathroom into a spa room. While wallpaper can be used in bathrooms, only use wallpaper in a bathroom that is well-ventilated and choose vinyl wallpaper that is thicker and less likely to peel at the corners and along the seams.


Keeping the bathroom clutter-free and adding just a few coordinated accessories are all that you need to refresh a bathroom.