Customizing Your Metal Bed Frame: Paint and Design Ideas

Painting a metal bed frame is a straightforward DIY project that can bring new life to an otherwise ordinary piece of furniture.

Make Or Buy A Makeup Organiser or Makeup Station

If your makeup is all over the place and needs organising, below are just a few ideas that show you how to DIY a makeup organiser or buy a makeup station locally in South Africa.

Build a Pair of Bedside Cupboards

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert DIY enthusiast, making your own furniture is the perfect way to build custom furniture at a price you can afford and this pair of fluted bedside cabinets is an easy one with step-by-step instructions.

You Can't Buy a Storage Headboard so Make Your Own

After being unable to find a storage headboard online, the best solution would be to make my own storage headboard and it is easier to make than you think!

How to Build and Assemble Child's Beds

It is becoming increasingly expensive to purchase beds for children so why not make your own children's beds - a bed that you can make to any size and design?

Make Pine Storage Crates for Easy Bedroom Organisation

Children's bedrooms, living rooms or playrooms soon become a minefield of toys without proper organisation, and these pine storage crates are affordable and easy enough to make.

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A Selection of Easy DIY Bedside Shelf Units

When space is a concern, making your own easy DIY bedside shelf unit is a great solution that saves floor space.

Single Headboard Made From Woven Jute Strips

This decorative headboard is made by weaving jute strips around a pine frame, and it's a quick and easy project you can finish in no time at all.

DIY Bamboo Headboard

Sometimes I can go on and on about how every bed needs a headboard and this unique headboard is made using bamboo canes in a decorative pattern.

Make A Small Cupboard For Makeup

It has been some time since I refreshed my walk-through closet area by giving it a couple of coats of paint and fitting mirrors on the built-in cupboard doors and now I am adding a compact makeup cupboard.

Quick Project: Add Wallpaper To Bedroom Closet Doors

This quick project of adding wallpaper to bedroom closet doors was just too beautiful to resist!

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Dressing Table Ideas To Choose From For A Bedroom

There aren't many options to choose from when wanting a dressing table in your bedroom, so making your own is a good DIY alternative for a custom dressing table.

Make A House Frame Bed With Storage Cubbies

This plywood and pine house frame bed with storage cubbies is an easy project you can complete over a weekend.

How To Make A Vanity Or Bathroom Mirror With Strip Lights

A well-lit mirror is essential for when you are putting on your makeup and this mirror with LED strip lights is ideal for a dressing table or bathroom vanity.

Easy Steps To An Organised Closet

Is your closet filled to overflowing and so jam-packed you can't even get to your clothes? If so, it's time to take some of these steps to an organised closet.

Build A Storage Headboard

Adding a storage headboard to the top of the bed gives you an amazing amount of extra storage space without taking up hardly any room, so here's how to build a storage headboard.

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Budget-friendly and Beginner-Friendly DIY Headboards

Adding a headboard doesn't have to be a serious DIY project - there are some stunning yet simple ideas out there.

Transform Ugly Closet Or Cupboard Doors With Fabric

Give your closet a makeover or disguise ugly built-in closet doors with fabric for doors that reflect both style and sophisticated good looks for a bedroom or dressing room.

Quick Project: Create A Stunning Feature Headboard Using Art

When you are not satisfied with a plain headboard and would prefer something a little more eye-catching, why not think about using a piece of art?

Clean and Sanitize your Makeup Collection

You've cleaned the house from top to bottom, scrubbed tiles and vacuumed up dust bunnies... so what now? When was the last time you sorted out or cleaned your Makeup Collection?

Quick Project: Make Pretty Fabric Wrapped Coat hangers

Just love this idea! With the disappearance of eco-friendly wood and wire coat hangers we now have plastic coat hangers that, while may be practical, are pretty boring, so why not dress up plastic coat hangers to make them more attractive.

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Add Storage to a Bedroom with this Wall-Mounted Shelf

Grab some laminated pine shelving and paint to make these custom storage cubes for a kids bedroom - for mounting onto a wall, stacking on the floor, or simply using for bedside storage or essential storage.

Add Storage to a Bedroom with this Wall-Mounted Shelf

Every bedroom needs some form of bedside storage, and this wall-mounted shelf unit provides that, plus it is wall-mounted to take up less floor space.

Brilliant DIY Idea for a Bed Headboard

Every so often, a brilliant design concept comes around that makes DIY easier, and this is the case with this headboard.

DIY kiddies table and chairs

Designed to be sturdy, this table and chair set is just perfect for a child's bedroom. Although this set is painted white, you can paint in any colour you like using Prominent Paints select sheen or Rust-Oleum 2X colours.


Quick Project: Easy Way to Reupholster your Headboard

If you are thinking of ways to give your bedroom a makeover, take a look at the difference you can achieve simply by reupholstering your headboard.

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Rustic Bedside Table that's Easy to Make

You always need storage at the side of the bed, and this DIY bedside table is affordable to make and easy to assemble.


Copper Pipe Clothes Rail

Looking for an extra place to hang your clothes? Or perhaps you don't even have hanging space. This stylish copper clothes rail is super quick and easy to make and looks good too!


Quick Project: A Swinging Bedside Shelf

Bring back childhood memories of fun with this swinging bedside shelf that will hang next to your bed.


Get rid of Clutter in a Bedroom

While most rooms in a home tend to collect clutter, one room more than others can quickly become filled with clutter if you don't take control... your bedroom!


Practical Drawer Organiser

Here's a practical way to organise your drawers and keep them organised with an easy to make drawer divider.

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Unique Clothing Rail using a Tree Branch

Make this stylish clothing rail using a tree branch and hang all your clothes and add a unique touch to your bedroom.


Pine Bedside Cabinet with Dovetail Joint option

This pine bedside cabinet is the perfect project for any beginner DIY enthusiast looking to practice their skills, plus there is the option to add dovetail joints.


DIY Headboard Ideas

It's easy to make your own headboard, whether it is a luxurious upholstered headboard or a rustic wood headboard.


A Beautiful Canopy for your Bed

Adding a beautiful canopy over the bed will create a beautiful statement in any bedroom.


Pine bed for under R2000

Having a last minute guest for the holidays I had to make a 3/4 pine bed as quickly as possible - and it had to be affordable!

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Make a Pine Toddler Bed

This toddler bed is made using PAR and laminated pine that is available at Builders Warehouse, and is perfect for a child transitioning from cot to first bed.

Making a frame for a Dressing Mirror

This project is not just about framing a dressing mirror, but about using my kop to work everything out!

DIY BBuilt-In Closets or Wardrobes

The idea behind this project is to show how easy - and affordable - it is to build your own built-in cupboards or wardrobes.


Quick Project: Easy Wall Art

Here's an easy way to dress up a plain wall, or add a feature to your bed, using plywood squares.


Replace mirror doors with panel doors

Not everyone loves mirror doors, so here's how to replace mirror doors with stylish panel doors.

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Make a floating bed

In this step-by-step tutorial we'll show you how to make a hanging bed that's great for a patio, den, or just a place to drift off to sleep.


DIY Shoe Rack

Here's an easy way to make a Shoe Rack using components that you can buy at any Gelmar store.


Add Detail To Closet Doors

Built-in cupboard and closet doors can be boring, but it's easy to add detail for a more glam look.


Mobile Clothes Rail

For all your clothes, making your own mobile hanging rail is a great way to add extra storage to your bedroom, especially when renting a home.


Pallet wood or pine headboard

Make a simple, stylish headboard with pallet wood or pine. Modify the length to make a headboard to fit any size bed.

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Build a modern nightstand

Use 16mm SupaWood and pine plywood, as well as a Kreg pocket hole jig, to make a modern nightstand for your bedroom.


Make your own DIY Day Bed

Originally intended as a fun element, this DIY Day Bed now offers comfortable seating and a bed when guests stay over.


Make a pine bedside cabinet

Make this beautiful bedside cabinet with laminated pine shelving from your local Builders. It will only take you a day to complete.


DIY Moroccan wedding blanket

Add romance to any bedroom with a Moroccan wedding blanket. These gorgeous blankets are easy to make and look absolutely fantastic on a bed, or even as a throw.


DIY hanging tables

Hanging tables have become very popular and offer the perfect bedside solution for a small bedroom.

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Glam vanity ideas

Whether your daily routine is a couple of swipes with a mascara brush - or a full on makeover, you're going to need a vanity. Unfortunately, the variety of vanities for sale is depressing, so you might want to grab your tools and make one!

Guest bed headboard

If your guest bedroom is looking a little lackluster, adding an eye-catching headboard will make all the difference.

Triangle shelves

The idea for this triangular shelf is from Kmart (Australia) and a company that sells the add-on pieces to turn the shelf into a designer piece. We show you how to make the shelf - and finish it off.

Simple, practical DIY storage closet

Use SupaWood or SupaLam to make this practical storage closet that can be mounted inside an existing frame or onto a wall.

Trending... Steel frame beds and headboards

While you may not find these locally, steel frame beds and headboards are a hot, new trend. Grab your welding machine or have a local welder make a unique bed for your bedroom.

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Easy DIY headboard ideas

Grab your power tools and be inspired by our collection of easy DIY headboard ideas. From reclaimed wood to colourful patterned swags you're sure to find an idea that fits in with your bedroom decor.

Wall mounted bedside table

Pop into your local Builders Warehouse for laminated pine to make this wall mounted bedside light and table combination.

Snazzy headboard with fabric scraps

Here's a great way to use up fabric scraps, or fabric from the bargain bin, to make a snazzy headboard that is colourful and eye-catching.

Quick and easy bamboo headboard

Here's a wonderful quick and easy way to add a decorative bamboo headboard and turn any bed into a feature.

Make a chunky platform bed

Pine scaffolding planks are perfect for making this chunky platform bed. You can buy these at most timber merchants and they are reasonably priced if you are prepared to put in the effort of sanding them smooth, or lookout for reclaimed scaffolding planks online.

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Affordable pine and plywood headboard

Make this affordable DIY pine and plywood headboard to fit any size of bed. You can even adjust the height to accommodate for an extra high mattress. Finish in your choice of paint colour or wood tint.

Easy to make Upholstered Headboard

This upholstered headboard adds a stunning feature to the bed, and yet it's so easy to make. Plus, it's extremely affordable if you shop around for fabric.

DIY vintage-style bedside lamp

This vintage-style bedside lamp is made using mock licence plates, PVC fittings and galvanised pipe and accessories. What a wonderful finishing touch for a boy's bedroom.

Volksie Bus bed

Everybody in SA knows and loves the iconic Volksie Bus. Here's how to make a Volksie Bus children's bed using materials you can buy at your local Builders Warehouse.

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DIY race car bed

This DIY race car bed is a reasonably simple project that you can make in a couple of days with a few basic power tools.

DIY pine bedside table finished with Rust-Oleum Chalked paint

Pop into your local Builders for some PAR pine and make this easy bedside table finished with Rust-Oleum Chalked ultra matte paint.

Super simple feature headboard

Here's a very simple way to add a comfortable, eye-catching feature headboard to your bedroom. This upholstered headboard is easy to make in a day.

Tufted headboard with a unique twist

Julie and Chris at do or diy wanted a headboard above their bed and decided to make a diamond tufted headboard. But this is a tufted headboard with a twist. Read on to find out more.

Surprisingly easy DIY headboard ideas

Adding a headboard is an easy way to make the bed a feature and add interest at the same time. Here are some of my favourite DIY headboard ideas, most of which anyone with a bit of DIY savvy will be able to make.

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Make the bed a feature with pine trim

A couple of strips of pine trim from your local Builders and you can create a feature behind the bed without going to all the fuss of adding a headboard.

Storage ideas around the headboard

Using the area around the top of the bed for cupboards and shelves allows you to incorporate storage into a bedroom without taking up valuable floor space.

DIY space saving closet ideas

Most homes have basic built-in cupboards for closet space and many don't have plenty of space, so here are a few space saving ideas for closets.

Colourful storage unit for a child's bedroom

Make a simple storage unit and then add some colour to recycled cardboard paper boxes as storage containers. Or modify the dimensions of the unit for plastic storage bins or custom baskets.

DIY plank wall for bedroom

Using reclaimed wood or pine planks is a great way to add character to any room, but in this feature we look at plank walls in a bedroom.

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Modern makeover for guest bedroom / home office

All it takes is some time and a bit of creative imagination to turn a dated guest bedroom / home office into a modern dual purpose space that is refreshing and colourful.

Dress up closet doors with fabric, wallpaper or moulding

Closet doors don't have to be plain and boring. You can easily dress up closet doors with fabric, wallpaper or even cut out sections and add moulding and trim.

Old drawers = underbed storage

I stumbled across this project on hometalk and wanted to share this easy way to dress up plain drawers and re-purpose them for underbed storage.

Put basic sewing skills to good use

With a basic sewing machine and a few practice runs you will soon discover how easy and affordable it is to make your own home decor accessories. From blinds to cushions, slipcovers to upholstery.

Hanging bedside tables

How adorable is this hanging bedside shelf. Make using a piece of pine or a circular pine chopping board, some scrap leather or pleather and lighting cable you can easily make a hanging shelf for both sides of the bed. Grab some offcuts and your tools and let's get started.

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DIY pullout trouser rack

When you have a small built-in cupboard for storing all your clothes, finding space can be a mission. Adding a pullout trouser rack allows you to easily sort your clothes and frees up hanging space.

Make a simple storage headboard

Make a simple storage headboard using a couple of bookcases, or make your own storage shelves. This storage headboard adds easy storage above and at the sides of a bed, and we provide instructions to make the storage headboard for any size of bed.

Easy upholstered headboard ideas

If you still haven't got round to adding that upholstered headboard to your bed, we have put together a collection of what we think are the best upholstered headboard ideas to provide you with some much-needed inspiration to get you started.

Quick and easy closet solution

When living in a small apartment or flat finding enough storage space for all your clothes can be a mission. Here's a quick and easy DIY closet solution that will only take an hour or so to make if you use a ready made drawer cabinet.

Upholstered storage bench for bedroom

How you can make a bedroom storage bench with two drawers. I think this is a great project and perfect if you need a place to store bed linens, blankets or extra clothes.

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Trendy painted headboard

This has to be the simplest headboard project ever! SupaWood panels are cut to size, painted in your choice of colour and then mounted on a batten for securing onto the wall. The result... a trendy headboard that can be finished to match the existing colours in a bedroom.

Reclaimed wood bedside cabinet

There are plenty of ways to use a reclaimed wood pallet for furniture. In this project you can make a couple of bedside cabinets using a wood pallet - or you can pop into your local Builders Warehouse and grab some PAR pine to make one.

Revamp built-in bedroom cupboard or closet doors

The one thing that many South African homes have in common is boring built-in cupboards. Chipboard wrapped in laminate or melamine doors are flat and boring, but there are quite a few easy and affordable ways to dress up boring built-in cupboard doors.

Plywood or MDF painted headboard

Make a headboard for any size of bed using a sheet of 18mm plywood or 16mm MDF, with a painted design in the centre. What's nice about this easy headboard is that you can cut the design to any shape you want.

Easy painted panel headboard

Turn 12mm MDF panels into a colourful headboard with paint. Have 12mm MDF cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse and then paint in colours and pattern that match you existing decor. You can add as many 300mm-wide panels to create a headboard for any size bed.

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Add rustic charm to a guest bedroom

Here's an easy way to add rustic charm to a bedroom by adding pine moulding and trim to create a feature wall behind the bed. You can paint or stain the pine to match the existing decor and add a few accessories to dress up a cosy guest bedroom.

Transform furniture with ceiling tiles

Plastic ceiling tiles might look tacky when mounted on a ceiling (!) but they sure do look wonderful when added as accessories to vintage furniture. This two-door armoire / wardrobe was decorated with plastic ceiling tiles painted in silver that add a new dimension to the piece.

Whitewashed panel wall for nursery

It's interesting to see how many people are using pine planks and reclaimed wood to add a panelled wall. This gorgeous panelled wall in a nursery has also been given a whitewashing finish to lighten up the colour of the wood and add an interesting feature.

Build a bed using industrial steel pipe

While making a bed out of industrial steel pipe might sound a bit odd, you have to see these beds first. I think this is a brilliant way for making beds, and you never have to worry about moving them to clean underneath !

Building and assembling a built-in closet

Where your bedroom doesn't have any built-in closets or cupboards, building your own built-in cupboards allows you to custom design storage to meet with your needs and with the space available.

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Add impact to your bedroom with a headboard

Adding a headboard to your bed not only finishes off the bed, it also adds visual excitement to a bedroom and let's the bed take centre stage.

Easy nailhead trim technique

Adding nailhead trim using upholstery strips and pins doesn't always come out how you would like it, so instead of applying the strips and pins to the front of your headboard - apply around the edge instead.

Dressing table with silver leaf

When you discover a secondhand find that is still is good condition, you can do almost anything with it. You can restore it, paint it, or you can add silver leaf and transform a plain dressing table into a gorgeous piece of modern furniture.

Turn an old door into a vintage-style headboard

Add vintage charm to a bedroom by fitting a reclaimed wooden door as a headboard. You'll need a wood door that's in reasonably good condition, unless you are looking for a more rustic style.

Build a bed with reclaimed timber or wood

West Elm has some amazing furniture - at similarly amazing prices. Take this reclaimed pine bed for example. The bed retails for just under R18,000 and that's without the shipping cost.

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Lazy susan rotating storage

You might only have a large cupboard or hoekie as a pantry, but if there is one essential component that every pantry should have it's a lazy susan or turntable storage system. But not only for a pantry... what about using a lazy susan for storage in a bedroom closet?

How to upholster a bed

You can make your own upholstered bed. What's great about this upholstered bed is that the frame is made from affordable plywood, but who would know that when it's covered in fabric!

Headboard using floor mats

There are some projects that can surprise you, and this is one of those. A headboard made from door mats is the last thing you would expect, especially one that looks as good as this!

DIY contemporary headboard with cut out design

I love the design of these contemporary headboards. Making your own contemporary headboard with fret-work design is not that difficult if you are prepared to spend some time cutting, and just to make it easier for you, I have included the design for the headboard.

Build a small corner closet

This might be a small closet, but once you have tackled this project you will realise how simple it is to take this design and make it bigger, perhaps extend the length for a longer, more spacious closet.

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DIY platform bed in three-quarter, double or queen

Finding a bed that you like these days is not an easy task. Design, finish and price all determine your final selection and you may end up with a bed that you don't really like. With only a little DIY savvy you can quite easily make your own bed.

Make a DIY wingback headboard

This DIY project shows that making a DIY wingback headboard is not as difficult as you might think. This DIY wingback headboard is upholstered in a dark grey fabric and complemented by shades of yellow and grey accessories.

Find out how to make a heart bed set

At Design-A-Bed they receive lots of enquiries to manufacture furniture found on the Internet, and particularly on Pinterest. This heart bed is one of those. The client fell in love with this bed set and wanted the exact same design for her young daughter.

DIY cottage bed

Katie and hubby found that sleeping with their new born was not exactly a restful night. To solve the problem they decided to make themselves a new bigger bed that would fit two moderately chunky Bowers and one pint sized redhead.

How to make an upholstered headboard

I love making upholstered headboard. Having made quite a few upholstered headboards in different shapes and styles, and upholstered in different fabrics, I have realised that this is a good business opportunity for anyone wanting to change careers.

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Make a diamond tufted headboard

There's a trick to making a diamond tufted headboard that looks great and I found this project as well as a video that shows how to make a diamond tufted headboard.

DIY sliding door for a bedroom

My dressing room and bathroom do not have a bathroom door, and while that's all fine and well if your hubby is always on his best behaviour, mine has the manners of a donkey! It's definitely time to fit a sliding door to hide his bathroom manners.

Make a 4-poster bed

Making a 4-poster bed is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. If you consider that a 4-poster bed is simply a timber frame assembled with basic woodworking techniques and a few power tools. Here's how simple it is to make a 4-poster bed.

Make a rag quilt

This adorable rag quilt is filled with wonderful colour and pattern that is perfect for any little girl's bed and you can choose your own fabrics, either from scraps that you already have, or from offcuts in the bargain bin at your local fabric store. 

Easy patchwork headboard

This beautiful patchwork headboard would look fantastic in a guest bedroom or children's bedroom. You can use colourful print or plain fabrics to coordinate the design of the patchwork to fit in with any existing decor - and this patchwork headboard is really simple to make.

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Make a storage base for your bed

Although this is more of a DIY project, here's how to make a storage base for a bed that will not only free up a bedroom of clutter, it will also add a finishing touch if you don't already have a base, or where you want to have a bed storage base that matches a headboard.

Repurpose louvre doors or pine shutters

Louvre pine doors and old shutters can be repurposed into a variety of decor accessories, but my favourite by far is to repurpose louvre pine doors or shutters into a feature headboard.

How to make a simple duvet cover

I am thinking that it's about time to splurge on a new duvet. The problem for me is never finding what I want and settling for the next best and then I hate it a month or two down the line. And these days even duvet covers are expensive. So.... once again time to make my own!

Bedside table that costs practically nothing to make

This project shows how you can make a beautiful bedside table with nothing more than a couple of pieces of pine, a cardboard tube and some cheap vinyl fabric.

Ideas for wingback headboards and make your own

I recently posted details for a DIY Divas workshop where you will make a wingback headboard for a bed. To give you some creative ideas and inspiration for the project, here are some really gorgeous designs for wingback headboards.

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A crafty guest bedroom makeover

In many home the guest bedroom - or spare bedroom - becomes a dumping ground for leftovers and mismatched furniture, or gets a coat of paint and little else. Why not transform that room into a beautiful retreat that occasional guests or visiting family will enjoy.

Options for closet doors

If your bedroom lacks interest, we'll show you how easy it is to transform boring closet doors to add interest and texture with a few quick and easy makeover options, and they won't cost a fortune.

Make a modern headboard

Dress up an ordinary bed with an easy-to-build decorative MelaWood headboard. The beauty of this project is being able to use PG Bison's MelaWood for the main back section, which means there is far less work to do.

Create a cool master bedroom

It's summer, and we are all going to be looking for ways to stay cool - without turning up the air conditioner. One homeowner takes it to the next level by transforming her bedroom into a cool, serene retreat.

Is an organised closet possible?

I've watched plenty of TV shows about organisation, read tons of articles and done more than my fair share of research, but is an organised built-in closet really possible?

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Transform an old door into a headboard

At most salvage yards you’ll find row upon row of solid doors that can be reused in so many different ways. Use then to create dividers between spaces, as chalk board for kids - or glue on cork sheets to make a bulletin board for your home office.

Fresh looks for a headboard

Adorned with a cheerful wallpaper pattern and two paint colours, simple doors can become a focal point in a bedroom. Here, a floral wallpaper border is attached on the door panels to complement the striped paper on the walls.

Make a bamboo headboard

Use bamboo flooring to create a stunning herringbone pattern for a clean-lined headboard.

Clever bedroom makeover

I just had to share this bedroom makeover with you. Not only do I think that the back wall gives a lovely dramatic effect, but the cabling from the two hanging bedside lamps has been cleverly camouflaged.

Easy vanity or dressing table

An alcove is perfect for mounting a vanity or dressing table, where space is limited. And this project is so easy, even a beginner DIY-er could do in a day!

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How to make a padded headboard

We haven't had a headboard in our room for a few years - just two picture frames above our bed. Not so pretty. I decided a large, tall upholstered headboard would be perfect! And I could make it myself. Making an upholstered headboard is really quite easy.

Block art headboard

Don’t spend a fortune on a new headboard when you can easily transform any bedroom with this simple, affordable and stunning project.

How to add mirror panels to closet doors

Whether you closet is in your bedroom, or in a small walk-in, adding a full length mirror to the doors will increase the amount of light in the room and add the illusion of space.

Make a decorative panel headboard

A jigsaw is the only power tool you need for this project, but it does require some skill. If you've never used a jigsaw before, sign up for our DIY Divas scroll saw & jigsaw workshop and realise how many wonderful accents and accessories you can create.

Add a headboard that makes a style statement

Make a big style statement in your bedroom without spending a lot of cash by creating a one-of-a-kind headboard. Every room needs a focal point, and since your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in that room, why not show it off?

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How to make a framed upholstered headboard

With some plywood, foam and batting I created a new and improved fabric covered headboard for my guests. And this time, I trimmed in with some decorative moulding.

Make an affordable and stylish woven headboard

To make our headboard, we wove together strips of upholstery webbing. You can easily make a frame to sit inside the posts of the bedposts or you could also follow this technique by weaving strips over a padded headboard or piece of plywood.

Makeover for a dresser or chest of drawers

Yellow and blue are two of our favourite country colours and this pretty bedroom has both. The sunny yellow on the dresser pops against the sky blue walls. Pale blue blankets and yellow sheets on the bed round out the look.

Make a headboard using veneer strips

The woven headboard gives this bedscape a natural, organic feel. Plan the width and height for your headboard. This will depend on the size of your bed and will determine how long your veneer strips need to be. The design incorporate a frame-within-a-frame design.

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Headboard with faux finish and glaze

A decorative panelled headboard get a dramatic new look with a very unique paint technique!

How to make a 3-panel folding screen

I’ve always wanted a folding screen, but could never find one at the right price and with the right look. So I decided to make one using some MDF, and was surprised at just how easy it was.

Add storage to a bed base

Need extra storage in a bedroom? Here's a great idea that you can do yourself - create storage in the base of the bed!

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Wraparound upholstered headboard

Constructed with pine, BisonBord and vibrant fabric, with a canopy in complementary colours draped around to complete the look, this stunning wraparound headboard will instantly dress up a bedroom.

Easy DIY slatted headboard

A headboard can add sophistication to any plain bedroom. This simple slatted design took less than half a day to complete and cost less than R100.

How to install closet doors

Heavy bifold doors with a sturdy track move effortlessly away from the centre of a closet to give you a full picture of the contents inside.

Canopy bed with draped curtains

Hang long curtain panels around your bed to create a romantic and inviting spot to snuggle into!

Dramatic bedroom makeover

This feature shows just how easy it is to give a plain bedroom a stunning transformation on a limited budget, and with just a little DIY expertise!

Benefits of Budget-friendly and Beginner-Friendly DIY Headboards

Check out some of the benefits of making a DIY headboard and once you’ve reviewed the pluses of DIY versions, block off a weekend and get to hammering.

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